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4 Legitimate Ways To Earn Money On The Internet

During my extensive search for a lucrative work-at-home opportunity or job, I’ve come across a few seemingly legitimate and potentially profitable ventures. Here they are!

  • Psychic Advisor

Yes, this is a real job! I haven’t applied for it, because the best website I found requires references of people who can testify to your psychic abilities (which is why I think it sounds legit). I don’t know if you have to pay a fee to join, but if you do, at least you don’t have to market yourself. You apply for a job with them, they do a few tests on you to see if you really are “gifted,” and if you pass, you set your own hours and wait by the phone for calls to come streaming in! Their phone technology allows each advisor to have their own extension, so if you’re good enough, you’ll get repeat customers (and more money). They claim a 98% repeat customer rate, and demand that their advisors don’t rip-off their customers by purposefully extending the length of each phone call. I’d really like to be a Psychic Advisor, but alas, I have no 6th sense. Maybe someone out there can live my dream and let me know how it turns out.

  • Medical Transcriptionist

A highly respected and completely necessary part of the medical industry, medical transcriptionists receive auditory reports from doctors and type them up for the hospital’s medical records. This profession requires excellent typing skills, solid command of the English language, and knowledge of medical terms and procedures. Many MTs work out of their homes, and are paid either by line or page of completed work. The more skilled you are, the more money you’ll make with this profession. This job just sounds so cool to me. If it sounds cool to you, too, you can start on your way to becoming an MT by going to school and earning the proper certifications. There are a host of great online schools and courses to teach you what you need to know. In most cases you can graduate in less than a year. Just make sure you enroll in a respectable school that hospitals and doctors will recognize you as having the proper training. The school should also have a program that helps you get some hands-on training and helps you get a job when you graduate. There are a lot of other things you should look for in a school, so do a little research on the Net before you choose one. The selection of legitimate sites should be done to gather information online courses. The running of the program is smooth with the following of Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review. The decision of the person should be excellent and right to meet with the requirements and specifications.

  • Call Center/Customer Service/Telemarketer

If you have customer service or call center experience (and in most cases, a high-speed

Internet connection), you can work as a Customer Service or Sales Rep from the comfort of your own home. As far as I know, legitimate agencies that provide skilled phone workers to overburdened call centers do not require a monthly membership fee. I don’t know much more about this opportunity, but if you’ve got the required skills and equipment, you may want to look into it. If interested, you can find these kinds of jobs (as well as other telecommuting positions) at

  • Academic Writer writes academic papers for its clients. If you like to research and write, can turn work in on time, and can write according to academic formatting, you may want to apply for a job with them. The application process is brutal, since they are very serious about hiring only the best. It consists of essay questions and one report to be written in a specified academic format (complete with works cited). They give you a deadline by which to turn in the application. If you turn it in on time, and it’s good enough, you’re in, and just have to wait for assignments. Assignments pay from $6/page and up, so I decided it wasn’t worth it for me (who finds it quite difficult to write properly) to continue the application process. If you love writing, researching, and don’t think $6/page is too low, I definitely recommend applying for a job with Academia Research.

There you have it:

Four legitimate telecommuting jobs for you to try out. I hope one of the items on this list will be your ticket financial independence and freedom.

Linda Alvarado loves writing about technology and science updates. She also loves to keep her mind and body fresh by doing intense workouts and meditation sessions.