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6 things every React.js beginner should know

Web development has become increasingly complex. You can write code by hand or rely on an editor such as Visual Studio Code or Atom. You can also use many other tools to speed up your work, like linting and minimization, for example. However, the most common method of building web pages is JavaScript, which combines HTML with dynamic behavior from client-side programming languages like React.js and Angular 2 and take help from react consultants.

Here are described some necessary details one must have about React.js.

  • This is a fast and simple library for building user interfaces.
  • React is a “component” library, which means that it focuses on rendering components to the page, not on changing the entire page’s structure.
  • It requires a bit of boilerplate to get started, including classes, state management, and event handling.
  • React uses virtual DOM – it isn’t real DOM but rather an intermediate representation (like a virtual machine). This means that changes made in React do not require rebuilding of the whole page dynamically whatsoever – this increases performance significantly compared to technologies like jQuery.
  • React uses “JSX” syntax extension – JavaScript language with XML-like tags. This is required because JSX is translated to pure JavaScript before execution.
  • React works with XML-like syntax called JSX. When using React, it is not required to use JSX, but it certainly makes life easier and more enjoyable for many people who have come to love it.
  • Facebook has stopped the development of React in favor of a new library called “React Fiber.” However, the latest version of the library (16.3) still supports backward compatibility with its previous versions and, of course, is 100% open source.

Finally, these are some basic details one must have about react.js. By reading this you easily get in any aspect related.

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