Attention Players! XP Rebalancing Is About To Happen For Pokemon Go Players

Earning XP is probably the second most challenging thing in Pokemon Go, and that’s why players are continually on the hunt for ways to XP. But Niantic has finally decided to provide more ways to earn XP in the game. And also increase the amount of XP given by already existing tasks. Let’s first understand the traditional methods of gaining XP in the game.

How can I player earn XP in Pokemon Go?

These the following ways a player can earn XP in Pokemon Go:

  • Curve throw bonus

To throw a curveball, a player needs to spin the pokéball and then launch it and then get extra XP.

  • Nice, Great, Excellent ball

The different colors and time of throw and angle of hit of the pokéball determine the amount of XP gained.

  • Pokemon escapes

If a pokemon runs away from the catch screen, a player gets some amount of compensation XP, so all of it is not rotten luck.

  • One ball, one catch

If a player catches the pokemon in the first throw, the player gets rewarded with extra XP.

  • Streak

When a player plays for consecutive days, the XP gained by pokéstops and catches is higher.

  • Pokéstop and gym spins

Spinning the round disc of the gyms and pokéstops helps a player get XP.

  • Hatching eggs

If a player incubates eggs and hatches them, they get granted XP.

  • Raiding

Gym raids are all the rage because they grant a high amount of XP.

What is rebalancing XP update?

As easy as it sounds, gaining XP can get challenging, which is why Niantic has decided to refresh the XP system such that every task rewards more XP in the game so the players can level up faster and enjoy the game more.

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