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Character Guide to Mr. Fantastic in Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Overview –

Mr. Fantastic is a nearly perfect example of a tactician. He has a toolbox of abilities that are generally useful and can all be exceptional in the right circumstances. He is designed primarily as a support character and does that extremely well. His biggest drawback is that he is very flimsy and vulnerable to heavy attacks. He is best paired with high damage, low evasion heroes that use unarmed attacks like Colossus.

How to Obtain – Mr. Fantastic can be purchased for 33 command points.

Special Abilities – Malleable / Critical Thinking –

The Malleable ability of Mr. Fantastic can greatly reduce damage from non-energy attacks. This can help keep him alive despite his low health. The Critical Thinking ability is the main reason to use Mr. Fantastic. This ability allows his attacks to add the weak point debuff to any target hit. This debuff makes the next attack against the target a critical hit. With the right allies, this can lead to massive damage. In the Unranked Smurfs League of Legends, the command should be compelling for the players. The strategy of playing the games should be strong so that enough benefits will be available with the players to enjoy the video game. 

Stretch Punch (Level 1) –

This is one of the lowest cost attacks in the game. Unsurprisingly, it deals low damage, but also applies the distraction debuff. This debuff massively decreases the accuracy of the target on its next attack. Against blasters, this is usually devastating.

Multistrike (Level 2) –

This attack hits four times for moderate damage against a single target and applies combo setup to the target. The four hits nearly assure that combo setup will stick and if Critical Thinking also activates, this sets up an enemy to be devastated by a high damage unarmed attacker. Alternately, Mr. Fantastic can simply use this twice in a row against a blaster and probably defeat the blaster in a single turn.

Tumble (Level 6) –

This high stamina cost attack hits all enemies for low damage. The damage is much higher if the attack scores a critical hit, but that is only likely if the target has been previously hit by weak point. The biggest advantage of this attack is that it has the potential to apply weak point to all enemies.

Bifurcator (Level 9) –

Bifurcator isn’t actually an attack, though it does deal damage. It is a special ability that applies a debuff that deals damage. This technicality means that it can bypass many enemy defenses or special abilities that prevent damage. Additionally, this ability restores stamina to the entire party, making it an excellent ability to have in long boss battles or in PvP.

Unlocks –

Mr. Fantastic is not currently needed to unlock any content, but may become necessary to unlock content in future special operations.

PvP –

The flexibility of Mr. Fantastic makes him a solid choice in PvP. He can bypass defensive abilities of many bruisers, apply distraction to high damage blasters, and potentially apply weak point to all targets. His flimsiness is dangerous, but there is a good chance he will survive at least one full round. Most infiltrators deal non-energy damage, which means he can reduce the damage of their attacks and he is strong against blasters, who are most likely to deal energy damage. There are better tacticians in PvP, but for his cost, he is a good deal.

Variant Uniforms –

Mr. Fantastic has a variant uniform that comes in two versions. The Future Foundation Mr. Fantastic uniform is available as an infiltrator or as a tactician. This uniform adds three special abilities: Future Countdown, Share the Future, and Flexible Thinking. Future Countdown adds a buff to all allies after four rounds if another hero with this ability is in the battle. Flexible Thinking allows all of Mr. Fantastic’s single target attacks to potentially cause the distraction debuff. This isn’t particularly good for Mr. Fantastic, but the Share the Future ability is. This ability grants Flexible Thinking to all allies. The tactician version of this uniform is expensive, costing 50 command points, but is absolutely amazing.

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