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Easy Steps To Post Ads On Craigslist

Craigslist is a free website known as an online forum. Users of Craigslist can post items for sale or look for items they are hoping to buy. This classifieds platform also helps individuals to sell, rent, or rent accommodation for posting. And the listings go beyond merely purchasing and selling. Structured in a user-friendly interface, it is easy to browse Craigslist.

Type the URL http:/ into your browser. Click on the ‘post to classifieds’ icon on the upper left side of the page. Tap on the type of post you would like to post. Choices include employment, lodging, facilities and workers. You can either be taken to a list of guidelines or a list of specified categories, depending on what you select. For guidelines, click the “I abide by these guidelines.” button. For categories, click the category that fits your post best. When you arrive at the window, fill in the applicable fields to identify your message. Keep the title of your post succinct and straightforward.

Decide if your email address or only a coded version of it will be available for readers to see. Ensure that all fields are filled in absolutely. Click the button for “continue”. For inaccurate or misleading details and spelling errors, check the mock ad. Click on the “edit” button if you want to edit the ad. It will take you back to the screen above. Click on the ‘continue’ button if you’re happy. Read the conditions of use.

If you agree with all the terms and conditions, press the “accept” button. Click on the “decline” button if you do not agree. Type in the right word for Captcha. This process aims to eliminate spammers. Get your email reviewed. You will be sent an email from Craigslist that will allow you to publish, update or remove your article. In order to post your ad on Craigslist, click on the ‘publish’ button. You can also seek help from Craigslist Posting Services

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