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Guest Blogging for Traffic – How to increase the traffic!!

If you’re guest blogging primarily to get as much traffic to your site as possible, rather than for SEO purposes, then read this article carefully. Guest blogging for traffic requires a significantly different strategy than guest blogging for SEO.

The goal with guest blogging for traffic is to only target sites that have a lot of traffic. That might seem obvious, but so many people spend so much time guest blogging for high PR, low-traffic sites that it needs to be said.

Before putting in the effort to guest blog for any site, make sure that the site has the traffic necessary to make it worth your while.

Start with the Second Tier Sites

The best place to start guest posting is second tier websites.

In any given industry, there are going to be a group of heavyweight websites that pull in thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of views. In the beginning, you’ll want to avoid these sites, as they get dozens of guest blogging requests every day.

Instead, start by approaching blogs that have traffic, but aren’t at the very top. They should still be names or brands that you recognize, or at least have a friend that would recognize.

Essentially, you’re pitching yourself, your ability to write and your ability to deliver value.

Start by having a rock solid website of your own. If you don’t have a great site, other great sites won’t be willing to link to you.

Browse the site you want to write for and get a sense for who their audience is. Feel out the writing style of the author(s).

Then message the site owner with three potential guest blogging titles. Make sure they’re tailored to their audience. For further information, you can visit at site. The information is the real one for increasing online money. The use of the right method will deliver the correct results to the individuals.

Along with the message, also include a brief bio about yourself. Emphasize your writing skills, your audience, your credibility and what you can do for their audience.

By and large, most sites on MyBlogGuest don’t have large amounts of traffic. They may be great for building PageRank, but the traffic they can actually generate is quite low.

By contrast, going directly to a large blog in your industry can reap thousands of visitors. If your primary goal is traffic, stick to direct contact rather than going to webmasters who’re advertising for guest bloggers on MyBlogGuest.

Finally, don’t forget that guest writing also applies to magazines and journals. Sure, you need to have a bit more credibility before you can approach these publications; but once you get accepted the credibility and traffic boost can be enormous.

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