How to clean gun in 6 easy steps?

Properly cleaning and maintaining a firearm will work better when needed. The best way of cleaning is to do it after every use. But in case it has not been used for some time, that does not mean it is clean. Make sure to clean it every other week so that it is ready to use whenever.

Tools for cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, one may need the following item to do the job:

  • Tools

The basic tools for cleaning a gun are a nylon brush set, polymer cleaning picks, and battle rope.

  • Lubricant and cleaners

Use good cleaners and lubricants to smoothen the parts’ functioning in a gun.

  • Consumables

Use and throw supplies such as a cotton swab, shop towels, and cotton patches to clean the gun.

How to clean

  • Disassembly

The first step is to disassemble the firearm. One does not need to strip every small part unless there is some issue with the gun’s working. For basic cleaning, the main parts need to be disassembled.

  • Remove the dirt

Using the tools mentioned above, get all the buildup out of the gun. Keep cleaning until the cotton patch comes clean. One needs to clean every part and corner of the gun without leaving a spot.

  • The bore

The bore is the barrel or cylinder part of a firearm. Cleaning it is very easy; simply apply a cleaner and use a bore snake to clean the residue and gunk. For revolvers, the cylinders can be cleaned the same way using a bore snake.

  • Lubrication

Lubricating every metal part of the gun is important to avoid any friction. Enough lube should be used so that there is no impedance during firearm cycles.

  • Reassemble

Just like disassembling, a firearm user should know to reassemble also. Once done with cleaning, reassemble all the parts and clean them to get rid of any excess oil.

  • Check functionality

After the assembly, make sure to check the functionality of the firearm. Do all the actions that one does while using it. If any problem is detected, repeat all the above steps until the problem’s root is found.

As a gun protects its owner, the same way the owner also needs to take care of the firearm. Learn more from With regular and timely cleaning, always be prepared to use it flawlessly.

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