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How To Find A Man

On the other hand, my girlfriend is always saying that one must kiss a lot of frogs to find a man! So, which is it? Is how to find a man that difficult? Hopefully, you will find this particular recipe quite easy, and you have all the ingredients. On the other hand, it sounds so easy when you read the ads that they put on the “Elite Airport Girls” online sites? 

Ingredient #1 for how to find a man: Be sure what you are looking for! Every female says she must have good-looking, sensitive, smart, and funny. The sweetest guy in the world who just happens to be the best looking too as well as hilarious wants to ask you out, but he’s as dumb as a rock! This may just mean that you will get your way since he’ll trust you to make decisions.

Ingredient #2 for how to find a man: Get out of here! Not being funny, but you are sitting somewhere reading this, and chances are it’s in your own home! Go to a class, to a theater, a bookstore, a library, a museum, just get out of here! Don’t go out in packs either, it scares men off!

Ingredient #3 for how to find a man: Be sweet, be kind, and be friendly. A smile costs nothing, and neither does a please or thank you. Use them!

Ingredient #4 for how to find a man: Connect and talk with others. You never know who you are going to meet, and perhaps that old lady your talk with has a son who is looking too and he’s the guy for you!

Ingredient #5 for how to find a man: Let him hit you over the head. OK, that’s caveman talk, what it really means is to not be afraid to make eyes at a man, don’t be afraid of flirting, and above all don’t be afraid of letting him catch you if he pursues you, in other words, stand still for that caveman approach and let him think he did it all!

Ingredient #6 for how to find a man: Be alert! Surprisingly enough it may be that you’ve already met him, you just did not see him. Guys who are where you go don’t dress to go to Wal-Mart or the local grocery store. They don’t know you are watching! So give the guys a chance even if they don’t look like John Esquire.

Ingredient #7 for how to find a man: Be smart! No, that does not mean that you need to join Mensa, it means that you need to be open-minded, and be willing to learn. Take classes, even if it’s cooking, go to the library, take up bowling, just learn something new! He may be a smart cooking bowler!

Ingredient #8 for how to find a man: Take up a hobby. You may wish to go sky diving, fine, or you may wish to act in your community theater, great! It’s a great way to meet guys, you know?

Ingredient #9 for how to find a man: Hang loose. How does that silly song go? Don’t worry, be happy? Guys love women who have a genuine smile, so be happy!

Ingredient #10 for how to find a man: Be confident. You are strong and courageous enough to go out looking for a man. You are neither timid nor filled with false modesty. Confidence attracts confidence and you want a confident man too, don’t you?

Linda Alvarado loves writing about technology and science updates. She also loves to keep her mind and body fresh by doing intense workouts and meditation sessions.