How to Help Foster Cats Settle into Their New Home

The job of a foster cat carer does not end when you hand the cats over to their new owners. It pays to prepare each cat so that you can be sure each animal will be going to a good home. As a foster cat carer, it is your job to ensure that foster cats are made to feel stable and secure in their new surroundings, right from the get-go. How can you help your foster cat to settle into his new home?

Plan Mini Visits Before Moving Day

The more you can do to ease the stress of the cat’s transition, the better. Make plans for your foster cat to visit his new home before moving day. This may involve the new owner visiting the cat at your home, or taking the cat to his new home for a few hours. As the cat gets to know his new owner, he will feel more comfortable when moving day finally arrives.

Pack Familiar Toys and Blankets

Cats draw much comfort from familiar smells and objects. Pack the cat’s personal belongings that will go with him as he moves into his new home. Then line the kennel with a cat blanket or towel that he regularly uses. This can help soothe and comfort the cat as he begins the next leg of his journey. When the cat moves into his new home, everything will be new and unfamiliar, but a few familiar toys and blankets will do much to settle the cat.

Visit the Cat

If the cat has spent quite some time at your home, he will likely view you as his owner. Once you hand the cat over to his new owner, do not just leave it at that. Arrange to spend time with the cat the day of the move and then pay the cat a visit a week or two after the move to see how he is settling in with his new owners and any other household pets. Most cats will quickly adapt and get used to their new surroundings, but it can help if you are on hand to help ease the transition.

It is also important that you show your pet that you care for them. You should also be knowledgeable about the proper ways of fostering them. To give you some helpful insights, you can visit

Fostering cats is a rewarding experience, as it gives cats a second chance that they may not otherwise have had. When the time comes to re-home foster cats, make the transition easier by planning mini visits before moving day, packing familiar toys and blankets and visiting the cat once he has moved in.

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