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Making Money Online: Generating Revenue By Teaching a Class

There is a heck of a lot of people out there who are on eBay and on the internet because they are out of work, or looking to get into a new or better career. Provide them a solution, and they jump all over it. You could also teach arts and crafts classes that are popular with the elderly or something about a current craze. If you can ask the question “How do you do that?” you can teach a course about it with the help of Someone is bound to want to learn about it.

To start, think of the kinds of things you could teach. When you’ve come up with something, start writing. Break it down category by category, and eventually, you’ll start to see a progression you can take, and a theme to the course. Now it’s just a matter of reviewing books and magazines because your students will want to be provided with a reading list, then summarize this all into a syllabus.

That’s really all you need to begin teaching, and you can reuse all this information again and again. The idea here is that all those writings you did will become your posts to a class bulletin board. Simply provide students with a book list, a syllabus, answers to their questions, and make your weekly posts to the class bulletin board. That’s it. You should also offer some assignments or some activities for your students so that they don’t feel cheated. Make sure to comment on them, and grade any papers or assignments you provide. With this minimal effort, you’ve created a revenue-generating machine.

Now that you have some preparation and something to show to the institutions you’ll be signing up with, go ahead and become a certified instructor. Sign up with one of the many websites out there that offers online instruction opportunities (the links to some of these sites are located at the bottom of this article). Typically, you’ll get 60% of the tuition fees, and the website will provide you with some helpful tools, like digital drop-boxes for assignments, and organizing documents for grading, and feature-filled bulletin board service. Again, this is a very minimal effort endeavor once you get the advance work done on your course.

Now, these institutionalized courses are not necessarily the best option for everyone. With these courses, your advertising opportunities are limited by the site you teach through. Your teaching opportunities are limited by the kinds of classes they offer, and the kinds of expertise they will accept before they allow you to teach. A better option for many is to simply teach your course yourself.

In order to do this, simply register for a free bulletin board at and write an ad for a special course. Put it on all of the auction websites that you post on, and put an ad for it in your blog and website. Now, when people sign up, you get to keep all the profit for yourself and simply need to do a little posting and question answering now and again. You essentially get all the same tools that you had before, it’s just a little more informal.

A better option that you have is to create an audio course that you can sell on a CD. This way, you don’t need to put any effort into the course at all, simply burn a new copy each time you sell one. Students will learn from home, do their own work at their own pace, and then take a test. You grade that test once you receive it back in the mail (or online if you wish to do it that way), and tell them whether they pass or fail.

For extra selling power, offer a certificate program with each course. Simply create your own non-profit organization (you don’t need to even be registered with the government for this to work), vote yourself in as president, and begin to offer certification through this organization. All you need to do is print those students who pass your course a certificate with their name on it and mail it to them when they pass your course. This adds an incentive to buy your course because when it’s all said and done, customers want to come away with something. A certificate provides them with something to hang on the wall, and if you’re selling them business ideas and practices, they can advertise themselves as “professionally certified,” a big plus for their own future customers.

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