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Manufacture And Sale Of Boiled Corn As A Business

In many countries, you can see how vendors sell boiled corn on the street. They cook it right there in the truck, specially adapted for cooking of the product. The same can be organized in any city of Russia: investment is small, the payback period is short.

The most optimal allocation of points of sale of boiled corn in places of mass congestion of people: shopping centers, parks, squares, public transport, close to office buildings, the premises of theatres, cinemas, circuses, railway stations, markets.

It is worth remembering that my company is organized on the street is seasonal. The main flow of customers comes in spring and autumn when the street is cool, but still keeps zero temperature, and, speaking of resort areas, the main season of tourist flow. Sales in the winter, as a rule, fall. When placing indoors (shopping center, places of cultural rest, the premises of train stations, covered markets), you should not worry about the seasonality of corn will be in demand all year round.

Raw materials

The raw material for the production of the finished product is frozen corn kernels. For business suits only the sweet varieties of corn, this time it is important to check with the supplier. The shelf life of the frozen product is 2 years if you comply with temperature (minus 18° C). Country-importers of raw materials: Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Serbia.

  • Minimum equipment for cooking corn
  • To start a business you need the following equipment:
  • complex for the production of boiled corn;
  • protective umbrella (required for street trading);
  • a showcase for the demonstration of the finished product;
  • chest freezer for storage of frozen corn (medium temperature of minus 18° C).

In section the equipment for the manufacture of boiled corn, you can find different options of professional steamers.

Feasibility study

Source data: location in a shopping center, the sale of corn in bulk. The calculation of economic indicators is given below.

Table 1 – equipment Costs

№ p/naimenovaniya cost, thousand RUB 1 Apparatus for cooking corn 28 2 Protective umbrella 5 3 Showcase (optional, necessary for the sale of related products) 5 4 Chest freezer for storage of frozen corn 18 5 Mobile counter 23 total: 79

It is not always advantageous to purchase the equipment separately (table 1). The cost of the complex is 35-60 thousand depending on size, equipment, and performance. It replaces appliances for cooking, mobile counter, and the window (not always).

The cost calculation portion

From 1 kg of placer, corn turns 6 servings cups 200 g. If you take that kg of semi-finished product costs 95 rubles., then the raw materials will cost 15.9 RUB If you add up the cost of a drink (1,5 USD), spoon (0,7.), spices (2.), tissue (0,2.), sauces (7 RUB), cover (1 RUB) the cost of one serving of boiled corn will succeed 28.3 rubles.

How much can you sell

On weekdays, the shopping center can sell an average of 100 servings of hot cornet the weekend, the figure is 50% higher i.e. 150 glasses. Minimum recommended price portions – 50 RUB. In many major cities, corn sells for 80-100 rubles. If we assume that in one month 22 working days and 8 weekends, the costs will be as follows (Table 2).

Table 2 – Operating costs

p/PVID rhodostoma per month, thousand rubles Cost of 1 serving of corn (maximum) 85,22 2 Wages 2 sellers (with all deductions) 30 3 rental places 20 4 Electricity 3 total: 138,22

If you take the minimum price for glass was 50 RUB., the amount of the monthly revenues of 170 thousand rubles, and profit before tax 31,78 thousand RUB, after-tax (USN 15%), respectively – 27,013 thousand RUB

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