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Necessary details on working behind the TENS units

TENS units are used for pain management and effective treatment of chronic conditions such as arthritis, headache, and fibromyalgia. According to the National Institute on Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, TENS is a safe and effective method to manage chronic pain by providing short-term relief from symptoms. 

Here we will cover the necessary details of working behind the TENS unit machinery, which includes proper protection for employees, safety precautions for patients during treatment time, noise levels of machine operation required by law in some states, methods of induction therapy with wireless tens units in different health care settings and how long treatments should last.

Explanation on working

TENS units or electric muscle stimulators are often referred to as EMS. Looking at them, you can easily see that they are “hands-on” devices; pressure transducers and smooth motors for the effector’s mechanism. EMS works using a PEMF generator that generates an electromagnetic field that stimulates muscles to relieve pain. 

The electromagnetic field generated by the EMS machine is a low-frequency field that run-up in your body and stimulates certain nerves to produce an electrical signal in muscles which is then used to relieve pain.

Benefits of TENS units

EMS treatments are designed to relieve pain, not to eliminate it. EMS therapy decreases pain resulting from a specific condition or injury. They should not be used for long periods because of the risk of adverse side effects such as muscle spasms, tissue damage, and muscle tremors.

Exposure to electromagnetic fields can disrupt normal physical and physiological processes by generating pathological changes in tissues related directly to the intensity of exposure, duration, and frequency of electromagnetic field exposure. 

Electrochemical reactions also stimulate at times. These reactions create chemical changes that affect different tissues in different ways. This is why TENS machines should be used as low as possible before switching on their electric motor and turning them off when not used.

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