New York Marijuana Scene – Know the meaning!

We have had the opportunity to smoke marijuana in New York, California, Chicago, Texas, and everywhere in between. However, I can tell you this. There is no place like New York. You might think that it is the financial capital of the world, but a quick ride around town and you will f ind out that it is also fighting for the right to be called the marijuana capital of the world

New York and marijuana

The great State of New York has been smoking marijuana since before it was officially introduced as a state. The so called Indianas and the the dwellers of the Canadian region were heavily into marijuana or ganja at the time. Once the United States took control of the region, there was little they could do about the wide spread use of marijuana in this State. You can purchase cbd vape juice from the reputed store. The checking of the control with the state is done to have the desired results The consumption of the vape juice in the region will offer plenty of benefits to the people. 

And to be truthful, there was nothing that they wanted to do. It wasn’t until 1937 when the Marijuana laws were passed and the beautiful drug became illegal in New York and every other state in the union that the police and government tried to do something about it. Now, we won’t go into why marijuana was made illegal in the first place in this article, but we will explore this idea in greater detail later. Believe that!

New York Marijuana Scene

Today, the New York Marijuana scene is buzzing. It doesn’t matter if you are upstate or down state, Mary Jane is everywhere and the people are open and honest about loving it to the fullest.

The wild thing about it is that everyone smokes marijuana in New York. The media portrays the hip hop community as the only segment that enjoys marijuana, but this is so far from the truth it is shameful for them to put such a slant on it.

Now don’t get me wrong, the hip hop community seems to love their marijuana and weed, skunk, ganja like the best of them, but they are by far not the only ones that are into the naturally growing substance. In fact, depending on where you are will determine the weed smokers that you will find.

Because if you are in the business district and you the trust of the group, you will find CEOs, attorneys, real estate agents, managers, executives, and even politicians enjoying the ganja, marijuana from time to time.

If you are in the rural areas of New York, yes they have rural areas in New York, then you will find the hick townsmen enjoying the fine grass of marijuana as well. If you are in the projects, you will find the hood mates enjoying the stress free smoking of the ganja as well.

New York Marijuana Scene

It doesn’t matter your nationality, your race, your religion, your creed, all walks of life enjoy the goodness that Mary Jane and marijuana brings to their life. Don’t fight it! When you are in New York be sure to enjoy the marijuana scene cause you will thank yourself!

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