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Steps To Install A Glock Front Sight!!!

Glock sights are among the first and easiest upgrade that every pistol owner consider to make their gun even more functional. Plus, you must remember that you don’t need any special tool or expensive sight for your Glock. 

Even a decent Glock would do the work and help you aim with more precision. The best thing is that you can install a sight on your Glock using as minimal tools as possible. 

So, here you find some steps for mounting a Glock sight on your pistol. You should remember to remove a moderate amount of material and be careful while hitting. 

  • Step For Installing A Sight On Glock 
  • First, you need to get the best sight for Glock and other essential tools like punch set, pliers, vice, pencil, ruler, Loctite, and paper towel. 
  • You should know that Glock has a slip fit installation, and installing a front sight would be far easier. All you have to do is use pliers to remove the old night sight integrated with the Glock with Loctite. 
  • Once you have safety remove the sight using brake cleaner and hammer available in the punch set, you have to clean the space properly.  

  • Now it’s time to slide in new night sight and get ready to sight it properly. You can use a hammer and other tools from the punch set, which will help you position the sight properly in place. 
  • Once the sight fits in a proper position, you must use Loctite or any other adhesive and let it rest for at least 15-20 minutes. 
  • Finally, remember to oil the coat and inside the slide to ensure better functionality while preventing rusting. You should know that a bit of oiling will make your product go a long way while maintaining the functions of your sight. However, avoid using too much pressure as it can damage the Glock while installing a sight. 
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