Symbolic History Of Egyptian Jewelry That Will Tell You A Lot!

Egyptian civilization is known for the mystery that they involve in each and every concept; you usually see that there are many different types of scriptures and sculptures that you see in the news and were found in any of the areas of Egypt. But that is not all the civilization is one of the oldest civilization forms that you can gain a lot of knowledge. People can also get to know about many things about the growth of civilization.

But it is not like the sculptures and figures are the only thing that can help you go through the history you will also get to know about many things from the jewelry they use to wear and is founded today.

Symbols relation with the jewelry

Egyptian civilization uses to express their feelings and royalty through the ornaments that they wear. And that is one of the big reasons why Egyptian jewelry carries a lot of information from which you can study about the growth of civilization.

Symbolism through colors in the jewelry

Colors carry a lot of meaning behind it they carry information regarding what is the mood of the people, and one can make many judgments about how people use to live earlier:-

Representation of death and sorrow is through black color, and you can easily find this color jewelry connected with the underworld people and will represent resurrection.

Red can represent bold, flesh, and many other aspects like being superior than someone or something. You can also find Cleopatra of Egypt wearing most of the jewelry of black and red in color.

Blue color jewelry represents motherhood, birth, life, rebirth, and fertility and is one of the purest forms of color in jewelry.

And when it comes to representing the growth, goodness, and fertility around a person, they use to wear something in green and gold.

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