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Why Is Deep Tissue Massage Essential For Pain Relief ?

Deep tissue massage is the most recommended therapeutic treatment for reducing pain caused by muscle tensions. Recent studies have shown that most patients consider Deep tissue massage instead of other common treatments because they don’t focus on relieving the tight muscles deeper in the layers of skin. Even though the treatment might cause some slight […]

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Need Help With Paving Stone Installation For Your Home And Lawn?

Paved stone patios or pathways add to the beauty of a house and help keep the place clean and provide safer walking through the doorways to the house lawn or in and out the boundaries. Pavement installation is not an easy task, and you cannot create a perfect paving stone pathway without the right tools […]

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Condos Are Small And Economical Living Space For Every Individual

Do you have any idea that why people consider living in a condo or buying one? It is because they are so comfortable, small, and economical, which means if you are an individual, it can be the best thing you can have. You can get the best kind of condos if you choose the Mori at […]

How Will Pokemon Go Help You In Becoming A Social Person?

What To Look For In The Luxury Apartment?

Everything That You May Want To Know About Kratom

The Right Diet For Heart Health

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Help Save Marriage Tips

If you happen to listen to or watch any of the numerous shows either on radio or T.V. that give information on how to help save marriage among other relationship problems, you’ll often hear desperate men and women pleading with the host to “Help me save my marriage“.

They’re at their wit’s end with their respective spouses and don’t know what to do but, for one reason or another, they want to stay married to him or her. They are willing to do or try anything to resurrect their failing marital situations.

Maybe you’re in a similar circumstance where you feel frustrated because your spouse won’t do the work necessary to help save your marriage. Do you feel like you’re the only one in your relationship willing to make the effort to turn things around for the better? Here are some tips that will help you save your marriage and you will be able to avoid saying good morning mom as you cope up with your failed marriage.

How Can I Save My Marriage?

Well, here’s a simple tip, a little bit of advice that may help rescue your marriage, but it might not be exactly what you want to hear!

If you really want to save a marriage that’s headed for the rocks, “you” have to be the one to make a change. “You” need to accept the cold, hard fact that you can’t just change the way your spouse acts at the drop of a hat.

Gandhi, the well-known Indian spiritual leader, once said “You must be the change you wish to see”. And, that’s timely advice for any marriage that’s in trouble. If you put all the focus on wanting your husband or wife to change, you’ll miss the one opportunity you have to save the relationship that’s so important to you.

He or she is who they are. Your spouse most likely won’t change the way they behave simply because you ask or threaten them to do so. And, chances are strong that even if they should agree to make “changes” for the sake of saving the marriage, their promises won’t be permanent.

So, what did Gandhi mean? How will changing your approach and attitude make any difference to your marital situation?

Actions Can Save Your Marriage – They Speak Louder Than Words!

Basically, if you begin to make positive changes to the way you act in the relationship, do things you deem necessary to help your marriage survive, you will subtly influence your partner to do the same.

Standing up and yelling at the top of your voice, telling everyone how you’re the only one making the effort to save your marriage, simply won’t work! You need to be proactive, not reactive.

Doing something, grabbing hold of the situation, and taking action are the best methods of achieving your end goals.

For example, if a wife is constantly nagging her husband to earn more money when he is perfectly satisfied with his job this situation, without doubt, can only increase tension and ill-feeling in the home. However, if she approaches the issue “Gandhi-style” and takes a part-time job or finds a way to make money for the family, it may encourage her husband to make more money too. Subtle, yet proactive, the wife’s actions can produce positive reactions from the husband.

Further still, if a husband wants his wife to lose weight (tread lightly here guys!), he can maybe join a gym and start eating healthier. Instead of confronting his wife or nagging at her about her weight, (dangerous ground, beware!); she sees him getting fit and into shape, and it can have the effect of spurring her on to do the same. The subtlety of action to produce the desired outcome once again.

I think these two fairly simplified examples effectively highlight the point that’s trying to be made here. That is, “we often fail to see that we must be the change we wish to see“.

Take Time To Help Save Marriage.

Now, while this advice may sound reasonably straightforward and simple, don’t be fooled! It does take time and patience to achieve. But, if your marriage is worth saving, then making the effort is definitely justified.

How to make use of the cordless Makita impact driver?

In the normal household, you need to have a certain number of things that can come in handy for making minor changes without calling out the assistance of professionals. Among all other essentials impact, the driver is one of the significant ones. Impact drivers or cordless drivers are extremely versatile and can be used for multiple purposes.

We are here assisting you with how you can make use of the Makita DTD152z 18v LXT impact driver bare unit that is one of the finest units of impact drivers present in the market. If you are curious to know how to make use of impact drivers at home, then continue reading until the end.

How to use Makita impact driver? 

The use of impact drivers is done to drive screws and bolts; if not impact drivers, then work is done with the cordless drill. Concussive force in drill or impact driver assists in driving a screw into wood. Impact drivers can allow you to have torque better than a drill as it can deliver two or three times more torque. To get the task done with precision, it is better to use the impact drivers that imply additional force to screw.

Now coming back to impact driver Makita bare unit, it is ideal for DIY use or professionals due to its lightweight and versatility. The overall length of the product is 137mm, paired with its ergonomically designed soft-grip handle. You can enjoy a variety of features that consists of an electric brake, variable speed control trigger, forward/reverse rotation, twin LED job light along with one-touch installation features. All of these features are convincing enough for one to buy this Makita impact driver for the household working.

Let us look into the primary benefits of Makita impact driver that explain well why one should consider getting this one. 

  • Electric brake
  • Variable speed control trigger
  • Forward rotation 
  • High rotation speed
  • One-touch installation
  • Ergonomically designed soft-grip handle
  • Belt clip
  • Lightweight design
  • Battery protection circuit

These are primary benefits of Makita impact driver as good quality impact driver would facilitate your work surely whereas poor quality would cause adverse results after working. It is good to choose an efficient device for the completion of a simpler task on your own. If you are curious to know how does a Makita impact driver, then you don’t have to look any further as the working of the impact driver is similar to any other manual impact driver. 

An impact driver looks similar to a power drill; however, the impact driver has multiple additional benefits. These impact drivers are efficient for driving long deck screws or carriage bolts into wooden posts, fastening screw anchors into block walls along with driving screws into metal studs. Note to remember that one shouldn’t misunderstand this tool for drilling, but this can be used for a spade bit. 

While making the use of the impact driver, make sure you are not over-tightening the bolts as such tools don’t have a clutch, so you have to cautious regarding lightweight fasteners. It is recommendable for professionals to make use of the product whenever it is required for additional torque; otherwise, you can also use a light touch drill. 

If you are looking for the variable speed trigger during the professional work, then it is optimal to use impact drivers as they are designed for doing the versatile work. You can adjust the higher speed with increased trigger pressure and lower speed with decreased trigger pressure. The faster chuck and quick-release chuck provides easy one-handed loading and ejection of ¼ inch hex driver bits. 

The final wrap

From the final wrap, we can conclude that it would be optimal to make use of the Makita impact driver that is really easy and convenient to do. In addition, you don’t have to hassle much as regarding the use of impact driver as it functions with one-touch installation and easier to access just like any other impact driver. Impact drivers are one of the common and essential items of the household that can help you to do little fixation at home also, and these can come in handy for professionals for additional torque.

Condos Are Small And Economical Living Space For Every Individual

Do you have any idea that why people consider living in a condo or buying one? It is because they are so comfortable, small, and economical, which means if you are an individual, it can be the best thing you can have. You can get the best kind of condos if you choose the Mori at Geylang; that can offer you the best condo, and the location will be according to your convenience. It can be the best thing that can happen to the person because they will be getting their home which is amazing.

You can choose the location that is very convenient for you because location matters like if you travel a lot, you can take place near the airport and any other place. Some of the other perks that you can have are-

  • The condos are the best living space for the individual, as you know that the space it has is so small, so if you are alone or have a small family, then that can be the best thing you can have. It will be the perfect living space for you.
  • The best part about having the condo is that it is affordable, and a person can easily afford it. It is far less expensive than the bungalow or the house in society.
  • If you get the condo, it is way safer than the house at some society because there you will get so many other condos where people will be living, and you can call for help if something happens. Not just that, there will be a doorman or security guard at the entrance of the building.

Finally, you may have understood that a condo can be quite beneficial for the person, so you should not wait if you want to get one. It can be safe, affordable, and best for individual or small family people.

How Will Pokemon Go Help You In Becoming A Social Person?

Pokemon Go is a fantastic game with lots of features and benefits associated with it. When you play the game, you will get to know that you are getting both the physical as well as mental benefits from the game. This is because you have to walk for long distances to get the pokemon, and it will also make you relax when you get the pokemon. Even this game has been resulted in curing the anxiety and depression of so many people. Plus, you will stay fit because of the chasing part of the pokemon, and your shoes will never get off your feet.

Besides this, it has been found by the pokemon go team that this game helps us in getting socialize more than earlier. This is because when you get out of your house to find the pokemon, you will meet new people on the route as well as in the game. This will also help you to know about the people living in your neighborhood and the activities going on near your house. Let’s throw some light on these benefits.

  • Know your neighborhood more

 Pokemon Go game helps you to meet the people living near you and the activities going on in your near society. All these things will be done automatically when you will go out hunting the pokemon.

  • Helps to meet new people

When you go out of your house to get the pokemon, you will meet so many people in your way, and in this way, you can become more social. Plus, in the game as well, you will meet so many new people as the game is multiplayer and goes on with the internet connectivity.

Getting socialize in the present time is a crucial aspect s you will get the chance to exchange your ideas and thoughts with them. This will make you more knowledgeable.

What To Look For In The Luxury Apartment?

Luxurious apartments are like a dream for most of the young generation people. These days most of the people are selling these types of apartments all over the world. Birla Apartment Magadi is the best dealer who is dealing in this luxurious apartment. There are various things to which a person must look into while getting these apartments:

  • The first thing that a person must keep in mind is that the apartment that he is purchasing must be clean and tidy so that he does not have to face any kind of problems in the future.
  • Even the city of the apartment matters the most, as this involves a considerable investment, so a person must make sure that he purchase it in the city where he wishes to get settled in the near future.
  • As we all know, there are more advanced security features that are available due to the advancement in technology, so just make sure that the apartment you are purchasing has the best security features available.
  • A person must be available as the security guard in the apartment for the complete 24*7 hours.
  • Even these days, some extra features are also offered to the people with the luxurious apartment. Therefore, you can even search for such an apartment that is available with extra features.
  • The view that is visible from the apartment also matters the most, so just go through it before finalizing the apartment.

These are some of the factors that a person must keep in mind in order to select the best apartment at a reasonable rate. As this is a one-time investment, the person must decide after considering the best dealers of the apartments like Birla Apartment Magadi. These are the dealers that have a good name in society.

Everything That You May Want To Know About Kratom

If you are thinking of start consuming Kratom? Then it can be good because of the benefits it offers to the users. If you use the best kratom, then it can lead to the withdrawal of heroin, morphine, and many other drugs, and not just that there are many other things that will get sorted if you use this, and those are depression, anxiety, cough, and several other conditions. It has been proved scientifically that with the use of kratom, things can become so easy for you and will be quite beneficial.

How does it work?

Kratom is a substance that also has a chemical in it which is called mitragynine; it helps the person to get some relief from pain. It can even provide you many other benefits to their users and if you want to know about the benefits, then check out the points below-

  • If you are facing any kind of pain in your body or somewhere and cannot get rid of that, then it can be the best solution that you can have as it helps the person get some relief from pain.
  • If you cannot sleep properly at night and get the problem of insomnia, then kratom can help you solve your problem as it has many things that help your brain nerves relax, and you will be able to sleep properly.
  • If you are facing any kind of depression or anxiety, then also it can be the best solution that you can have. It will help you in getting some relaxation, and you will be able to stress less and live a life without all these things.

Kratom can be the best solution that you can have because it has the chemical that helps the person to relax.


The Right Diet For Heart Health

Consistently, many not exactly legitimate organizations search out better approaches to exploit Americans’ craving to get more fit, and the stakes can be colossal: In the U.S. alone, customers spend about $35 million on health improvement plans and items every year, making it a business ready for tricks. If you want to pick the right diet, then there is a need to consult with the experts. If required, then you can make some improvements in the plan. The testosterone supplements will offer the best results in reducing the excessive fat from the body. Make sure that the information is reliable and safe to buy the supplements.

From “marvel pills” that claim to help you drop 30 pounds in 30 days without consuming less calories or activity to adornments that implies to empower fat misfortune essentially by wearing it, the weight reduction commercial center is brimming with items that make profoundly suspicious cases. Some of them are patently over the top, yet others have recently enough “brilliant” promoting to make them appear to be conceivable, making it hard to know which items might really be beneficial and which are close to placebos.

Lately, green tea has developed as a fat-battling legend, helping individuals shed pounds and keep it off. Yet where other items’ cases are in view of guess or speculation – or simply unconditional hooey – green tea concentrate weight reduction asserts really have science to back them up. Truth be told, for well over 10 years, scientists have been assessing the connection between weight reduction and a substance in green tea called epigallocatechin-3-gallate, or EGCG, which really does help advance weight reduction. On the off chance that you’ve ever gotten a jug of supplements or read a news article about green tea, those initials are most likely well known to you. Anyhow exactly what is ECGC and how can it function to help advance weight reduction?

ECGC clarified

ECGC is a catechin, a sort of cancer prevention agent that is discovered overwhelmingly in tea, additionally in littler sums in red wine and chocolate. The vast majority realize that cell reinforcements can help diminish the unsafe impacts of oxidative anxiety, a methodology connected with untimely maturing and cell breakdown. Yet this specific cancer prevention agent accomplishes more.

At the point when expended, ECGC helps advance fat misfortune by expanding the rate at which the body blazes fat – its fat oxidation level. Specialists aren’t totally certain how it does that, however it seems to accelerate thermogenesis, a process that uses calories to produce heat. (1)

It likewise aides keep the breakdown of a neurotransmitter called norepinephrine, which assumes an essential part in weight administration. (2) Norepinephrine lives up to expectations by flagging the mind that you’re full. At the point when levels are low, the body feels hungry. ECGC helps keep norepinephrine from debasing too rapidly, which implies you’ll feel more full more.

ECGC helps in different ways as well. Case in point, in one study led at Penn State University, analysts found that mice who were given both ECGC and a high-fat eating routine put on generously less weight than mice that were sustained the same eating regimen however were not given ECGC supplements. (3)

ECGC additionally seems to keep fat cells from taking in more fat. (4) That’s critical, in light of the fact that after adolescence, the quantity of fat cells we have stays genuinely stable; obviously, that doesn’t mean we can’t put on weight. Yet when we do, this is on account of our fat cells are growing to hold more fat. By easing back each cell’s capacity to build its fat stores, weight addition can be controlled.

In the event that you’ve been keeping tack, that is a four-pronged assault:

  • Expanding the rate of fat oxidation and advancing thermogenesis
  • Represses breakdown of norepinephrine to help control hankering
  • Goads weight reduction even without dietary changes
  • Keeps fat cells from expanding their fat limit
  • Shouldn’t something be said about caffeine?

Obviously, on the grounds that green tea contains caffeine, some have thought about whether its really the caffeine that is creating at any rate some of these impacts and not ECGC by any means. Sign examination! A study distributed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition thought about the impacts of ECGC and caffeine in two gatherings of mice, one that got green tea concentrate and one that got caffeine. What did they find? The mice that got the concentrate had altogether more prominent fat oxidation rates than those that got just caffeine, exhibiting that the fat-oxidative impacts of green tea have nothing to do with the tea’s caffeine levels. (6) So, in the event that you don’t care for caffeine, you can even now appreciate all the advantages that green tea brings to the table just by picking a decaffeinated supplement.

There are bunches of different studies supporting the part of green tea in a weight reduction administration program, yet the essential thing to recall is to choose a supplement from a legitimate organization to guarantee that you’re getting what you’re paying for – and to guarantee that the advantages are as awesome as they can be.

Why Would You Prefer to Order Pets Supplies Online?

In the past decade, there’s seen an astounding increase in pet owners. These people are so lucky that they have found such a lovely friend in their life that is incomparable. Talking about these furry companions, the owners must take extra care to make their life fully pleasurable. As these pets depend on their owners for daily supplies, it’s somewhat getting difficult for the busy owners to take out some time for shopping with their little friends.

At first, pet owners might think shopping online for pet supplies is a bit difficult. But, once they start buying their pet’s food, toys, treats, medical tools, and others from online stores, they get to realize how efficient it is. And that’s the time from when they never look back for ordering their pet products online.

Keep on reading to know some of the real benefits of ordering pet products from online stores.


The most acknowledged benefit of ordering pet supplies from online stores is its easy accessibility. If you are somewhat disabled or can’t make it after a long hectic day, the last option you can choose is to buy wholesale pet supllies from online sites. Most times, pet supplies are heavy in size. Thus it is getting difficult to carry throughout the way. Ordering from online stores gives you much relief with its doorstep deliveries.

Facility of gifting

Another benefit of online shopping of pet supplies is that you can order on behalf of a beloved friend who may go through a tough time and can’t be able to provide his pet the right essentials on time. In addition to this, you can also send dog goodies to a pet rescue group, with that you are associated closely.

So, suppose you are initiating to bring an added responsibility to your home. In that case, it will be wise to do some research on the available online pet supplies stores to prevent future hazards. Make sure to compare the online products and prices to find the best choice of wholesale pet supllies for your pet.

Roofs Protect Books Art History

To refresh our knowledge and dig deeper into history, we often search for old records and vintage books in libraries and museums. These priceless media broaden our understanding of local and national history. Often, public libraries house the only genealogical records of a county. Similarly, museums that house art collections, perform an essential role in preserving our cultural history.

But what if these records – which can never be replicated or replaced! – are damaged by something as trivial as lack of roof repair? Such negligence is inexcusable. The loss of our historical and cultural records is a much larger cost than the cost of routine roof care.

The Lightner Museum in St Augustine, Fl. is an unfortunate example of roof neglect. As a result of compounding roofing damage, the museum must now fund a $175,000 roofing restoration project. The total projected costs beyond the initial fundraising drive surpass $1 million. According to the museum Director Bob Harper, the roof’s clay tile needs replacing, in addition to repairing the punctured membrane under the tiles. Rotten wood also needs to be replaced, Harper said.

The Lightner Museum in St Augustine, Fl. is an unfortunate example of roof neglect. The museum, which houses a collection of Victorian-era artifacts and artwork in the historic Alcazar Hotel, has been around since the 1960s. As a result of compounding roofing damage, the museum must now fund a $175,000 roofing restoration project, according to the St. Augustine Record. The total projected costs beyond the initial fundraising drive surpass $1 million. According to the museum Director Bob Harper, the roof’s clay tile needs replacing, in addition to repairing the punctured membrane under the tiles. Rotten wood also needs to be replaced, Harper said.

The Noel Wien Library in Fairbanks, Alaska recently installed a new state-of-the-art roof to the tune of $2.4 million. The waterlogged roof kept the library staff on their toes as to where the next leak would spring. In fact, the library’s employees used plastic bags and tarps to cover and protect books and manuscripts from leaking rainwater. 

The staff constantly worried about damage to their possessions during heavy rains, according to the local newspaper. The new roof has a 20-year warranty and will keep both books and library patrons dry and warm.

Both the Lightner Museum and the Noel Wien Library house historic books, relics, and paintings that are priceless. Because these institutions hold important cultural and historical artifacts, there should be greater emphasis on roof maintenance to prevent these costly roof repairs. However, no matter what the cost of a roof repair, the greater cost would be the loss of these items due to water damage and rot.

As the saying goes, if damage from leaks is extensive, the remedy could be expensive. This is why Auburn roofing always advises our clients to repair leakage immediately, as further delay could cause irreversible damage, not to mention a million-dollar roof replacement, in historic buildings.

Smart Pallets For You: What You Need?

The usage of wood pelleti müük is a new product that may be used to fuel a variety of devices that use wood, such as fireplaces, furnaces, stoves, boilers, and other devices that use wood. All of the companies that use it contribute to the production of sawdust and wood chips, which are then compacted. As a result, the briquette is regarded to be an environmentally friendly and 100 percent renewable product. Whether they are produced in a cylindrical or square shape or not, their excellent performance as a flammable material is not adversely affected by their geometrical shape. Choosing the premium pallets is perfect there too.

What is the purpose of purchasing wood briquettes?

In addition to serving as an ideal replacement for conventional firewood pelleti müük, briquettes may be used in any device that supports their usage. There is minimal smoke and ash produced during the burning of the briquette because the combustion is homogeneous and consistent. Because of these qualities, it is an excellent product for use in enclosed areas or in any activity that necessitates the use of wood for heat. The briquette is simple to cut and split with simple tools, allowing you to use them in tiny chimneys without difficulty. Its small and smooth construction makes it suitable for use in any environment; they are also extremely aesthetically pleasing and convenient to store.

The method through which the briquettes are produced

The briquettes are made entirely of wood and are devoid of any foreign chemicals or additions that might react adversely during the combustion process.

About the company

Briketi Poisid briquettes have been made since 2000. Their company objective is to provide their customers the opportunity to save their housing charges as much money as possible, therefore helping to maintain the wonderful nature of Scandinavia and the Baltics and their way of life. The developed world is increasingly concerned with maintaining nature and the environment as solid and hygienic as possible. Its children are raised in an environment with less poisons and pollution and so that people of the future can get heat out of the planet.

What is a CVV Shop? Where Can It Be Found?

In today’s increasingly technological world, everything is enhancing with fast speed; one of the examples is the internet. It is one of the powerful tools. But it has some dark secrets and information that is beneficial as well as harmful for us. Many things are happening in the world of the internet, like data breaches, hacking but something which is getting popular these days is CVV shop. These websites are not the black market but quite similar to them. That is selling and buying of CVV, the place where this is done is called CVV shop. CVV is the number that is printed on the backside of any credit card. Generally, this CVV number is used for making any payments using credit cards.

The reason behind CVV importance:

CVV is that number that has all the information. If you check in detail about CVV, one can easily get the account holder’s full name, proper address, expiry date, and other information. If someone has the CVV number, then it is easy to make any payments. While doing online payments, CVV is the number that is asked after taking all the card information. Without that number, no transactions can be done with credit cards.

This CVV is very important. They are purchased or brought from the CVV shops after paying a certain amount of money. There are many websites whose work is to sell and buy these numbers, and they pay in dollars. Once someone has the CVV number of any card, they have the power to do any transaction. This is the reason why it is recommended that you should never share your CVV number with anyone. Because that number is like a key to your card, If the key gets into the wrong hands, the locks can be opened, and all your money will vanish in minutes. Be safe and never share your card details.

Mortgage Modification Trial Period Started – Check how it started 

This is the 4th post on the topic of my mortgage modification. You may read the previous 3 articles at the following links:

From the link, you will get to know for the reduction in the debt amount. The starting of the debt settlement is with the modification to have the satisfaction of the requirements. A click at the link is beneficial to get relief from the debt. You should have collect details about it to have success. 

I met with my HUD mortgage counselor yesterday morning and finished the paperwork required to put the modification trial period in motion. I mailed the first check with the modified payment and FedEx-ed the paperwork to Chase Home Finance at lunch. The payment goes to a different address than the paperwork.

My original payment was $951/mo. and my modified payment is $691/mo. That’s a monthly savings of $260/mo and will more than cover the electric, gas, water, sewer, and solid waste bills. I’ll have $90-$100 left over to put toward groceries and out-of-pocket medical expenses.

This first payment starts my trial period and is due on December 1, 2009. The second payment is due January 1, 2010; the third is due on February 1, 2010; and the fourth and final trial payment is due on March 1, 2010. If I make all these trial payments on time, my mortgage modification becomes permanent.

According to the paperwork Chase sent, my modification won’t change after 5 years, or if it does, it will not revert back to my previous agreement. It will be at a lower interest rate and perhaps for a longer loan period, but the payment will not change significantly.

Apparently, Chase does modifications a little bit differently than other mortgage companies. I have to make 4 trial period payments instead of 3. I was not required to make a good faith contribution payment, and there won’t be a balloon payment at the end of the thirty year mortgage if I don’t pay off the principal by then. My loan will be extended until the principal is paid.

Bankruptcy Update

I had to go back to bankruptcy court last week to report on my mortgage situation. I caught up my second mortgage payments last week prior to court, and the judge continued my case until February before he agrees to sign off on my second mortgage reaffirmation. He wants to be sure I’m able to keep my house before he allows me to be saddled with a $20,000 secured loan for which I might no longer own the house.

Income Update

I picked up 3 more students by the second week of November, and they cover my monthly income shortfall plus some. I will be picking up some siblings of current students during mid-term exams in December. I’m still keeping up the extra marketing because I still have a few more time slots to fill. I’ll slow down assertive marketing when all my time slots are filled.

That extra money will go to paying my back taxes and allow me to rebuild my emergency fund. The taxes are the only debts I still owe. Everything else was discharged in the bankruptcy, and I’m turning the student loan over to my friend’s parents to handle.

This month, I will have about $200 left over even though I had to catch up the second mortgage and pay a reconnection fee on my phone bill from August. Future expenses won’t be as high since everything is now up-to-date.

I worked out a good deal with the IRS about monthly payments I can afford, just $130/mo. I’m free to pay more at any time, and if or when any refunds are applied to my account, I can renegotiate my monthly payment if I need to free up more cash. I may have to do that to increase what I pay to the state.

I haven’t worked out a deal with the state yet. I’ve been paying them what I can each month, around $30, and they accept my payments and haven’t started harassing me yet. I’m sure they will eventually, but as long as they are receiving payments, they will get to me after others who owe a lot more and are not paying at all.

I want to be clear. I’ll have about $200 left over after I pay the IRS, LDR, pay for the last prescription of the month, make the last weekly trip to the grocery, and replace the radiator in my car. It’s leaking at the top and will fail big-time soon. I’m okay for a little while adding coolant/water mix to the overflow tank when it starts getting low. I have an appointment Friday morning and will drop the car off at the shop Thursday night so they can look at it first thing in the morning and get the parts. I won’t need my car again until Sunday afternoon, so if they have to keep it overnight Friday it won’t be a problem.

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