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All American Pressure Cooker – Know about them

If you want a pressure cooker to cook foods faster, you can usually find a really good quality unit for a reasonable price, some as low as $30 depending on where you look. However, if you are serious about doing some canning, then you will want to buy the most top of the line pressure cooking product specifically designed just for canning purposes. A smaller standard sized cooker just isn’t enough for large extended families or institutions like hospitals and schools where wimpy 8 quart models are just not going to cut it. The pressure cookers are useful for residential and commercial purpose. You can gather information about it to have desired results. The pressure cookers are fulfilling the needs and requirements of individuals. The cooking of different dishes is possible for people.

If this is the case, then skip all the searching to find the one you are looking for and buy an All American Pressure Cooker. The Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry has been making these pressure cookers since 1930. These units have the space to cook and can the largest amounts of meats, poultry, and fish, as well as any kind of vegetables you can imagine. The All American Pressure Cooker features a precision metal to metal sealing system, which is exclusive to this brand. It has clamping locks that align and seal the lid to the base and since there are no gaskets to worry about, they are easy to open and close, which makes canning anything a breeze. Not only that, but it is the only canning system recommended by the U.S.D.A for canning foods with a low acid content. Any of these models feature an easy to read lid mounted pressure gauge for the most accurate control.

All American Pressure Cookers come in six different sizes, from a 10 quart capacity, all the way up to a whopping 41 quarts, but are also available in a smaller, six quart size as well. For your safety, they should never be used on glass or ceramic counter tops, because of the weight of these units. They are also much larger than most cooking surfaces, and could damage surrounding areas if you aren’t careful.

Now the most popular model for the All American Pressure Cooker is the model 921, 21 quart capacity unit. This unit, like all their other models, is made from heavy duty cast aluminum for even, fast heat, and has a Bake Lite top handle that stays cool no matter how high the temperature. It has a geared steam gauge and a pressure regulator with three different pressure settings. It has two venting features, both automatic, for extra safety and control, and you also get a canning rack, full instruction manual, and even a recipe book. You get all of this for just $209.99.

Now you may be able to find these units somewhere else, but your best bet is to just go directly to their website, and cut out the middle man. They feature a manufacturer’s warranty, and you have up to thirty days from the date of purchase for a replacement, or even a full refund. With all these features, including the U.S.D.A recommendations, if you are truly serious about canning, then this is the best product for your needs.

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