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Bunk Beds For Boys

Choosing a bunk bed for your kids is not so simple like buying other types of home furniture. When selecting a bunk bed, don’t focus just on the looks; you have to keep in mind that it must to be safe for your children.

First things first: you should measure your space. It is recommended to leave at least two feet of space between the bunk bed and the ceiling to prevent bumps. This type of bed is usually between 5 ½ to 6 feet tall.

There are several kinds of bunk beds on the market, beginning from the basic twin-over-twin kind of bed.

Most bunk beds fall under two categories: basic and lofted; with other subcategories under each one. We must remember that kids are very energetic, and accidents with the bunk bed may occur. Boys have even an extra level of energy; this way, when buying buck beds for boys, make sure that it is made from quality materials, meaning that the safety of the child is ensured. Wooden structures are the most common type of bed, once they are sturdy and last a very long time. Some other products are made from metal or cast iron, while others are a mixture of metal and wood. If you are buying a wooden bed, make sure it is made from thick, durable tree varieties. This will ensure that the structure remains intact while the kid climbs up and down the bed set.

A new study, published in the journal Pediatrics, affirmed that nearly 36,000 children and adolescents end up in the ER because of injuries caused by bunk bed’s accidents each year. This concerns parents around the world, meaning that they have to pay extra attention even when their children are getting to bed.

Although bunk beds are a little concerning, it has become common in almost every home. Climbing to the top of the bed is the coolest feature that kids like. Also, this type of bed brings a kind of magic to the room; being a furniture and a toy at the same time. Bunk beds and Loft beds are also well known in hostels, because they take up very little space, 2 or more people can sleep on a single mattress. Sleeping in these beds is a very nice experience for those how want to have furniture with multiple possibilities.

Don’t forget that you have to think about space before getting a bunk bed. There are many cases of people who buy bunk beds without measuring the room, and end up abandoning the bed. Don’t waste your money/time buying this furniture without planning first. Once you keep this information in mind, you are ready to buy a bunk bed that looks good, it’s affordable and safe at the same time. Narivoodid madratsiga will save your money and make you invest in better quality beds. The wooden bed making Is not an easy task. This task can consume many hours of your time, but it is going to be worth it once your bed gets delivered. Regarding age, the Consumer Product Safety says that children with ages six and below should never sleep on the top bunk. Some experts even affirm that a child should not be allowed to sleep on the top unless they are already aged ten years old.

It doesn’t matter the age: choosing a low quality bunk bed can be a serious hazard for children of any age. If they are too small, the guard rail could let them slip; and if they are too big, that could lead them to believe they are strong enough to jump from the top do the floor. Even when they are climbing the stairs, kids could slip and fall. These things happen because children have lots of energy to spend. When buying bunk beds for boys, for instance, keep in mind that they are going to think they are capable enough to jump and run through the little stairs.

If you are still interested in buying a bunk bed, remember to specify rules for the kids. Bunk beds may be really fun, but don’t forget to tell your children about the consequences if they jump or play in this bed. When it comes to kids, safety should be on the top of your list.

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