Cannabis Strains For Migraines – Know about the best store to purchase them

You know it’s coming, as sure as a glass of water trembling with each step of an approaching T. rex. Migraines have that impact on people. Being eaten alive by a giant reptile can seem preferable to being forced to deal with the insane amount of pain that characterizes a migraine headache, amplified by the gnawing fear of onset and the misery that’s coming.

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Seriously, migraines are not a game. They can be debilitating and leave your senses feeling like an exposed, raw nerve to the outside world. Regular lights seem like solar flares, and your phone ringing may sound more like a runaway freight train racing through your ear canals. If you’ve ever had one, you can attest; if you’ve never had one, then you are blessed.

Unfortunately for those who regularly get migraines, the pain becomes part of the routine. It’s something that’s expected to happen periodically—for some unfortunate souls, like clockwork. Women are more often sufferers than men, and sometimes migraine forms a regular part of the dreaded monthly PMS (psychotic mental shift?). This may lead to a sense of unease and anxiety about the next excruciating attack, throwing life out of balance.

Often, migraine can be so intense that people have to call in sick to work or school because there is no physical way to focus and get through the tasks at hand. One of the only options for combating migraines is to take prescription painkillers. One of the more popular, Imitrex, cost $18 per pill before the generic became available and the price dropped to around $2. For some people this is a solution; for others, not so much. (People have actually committed suicide to escape chronic migraine.)

Thankfully there are more natural options to help people to cope with pain. The unbelievable healing abilities of cannabis can take the edge off a migraine in no time; the list of strains below is all you’ll need.


This potent little hybrid is just what the doctor ordered for taking out a menacing migraine. It has an intense amount of tetrahydrocannibinol (THC), ranging from 20 to 27 percent. This makes for an intense and long-lasting experience that serves to de-escalate stress and anxiety, while soothing away pain. Consumers routinely report that partaking in this particular strain results in a sense of pressure encircling the head, almost as if one were wearing a headband. Few strains are so aptly named. Why this effect is beneficial in migraine is not well understood.

Agent Orange

Named for the damaging defoliant that the U.S. employed in Vietnam to remove enemy forces’ tree cover, this particular strain is a weapons-grade remedy for the relentless pain of a migraine that also provides uplifting and energizing effects. One typical side effect of migraine is that it completely drains you and may leave you feeling depressed or lethargic after some of the pain has subsided. After partaking in Agent Orange, you can count on your newfound enhanced mood being part of the motivation you need to get right back into the swing of things. The natural citrus flavor of Agent Orange buds might just make you believe they’re packed full of Vitamin C—speaking of which, they’re perfect when paired with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice to start the day.

Bruce Banner

Picture your migraine monster turning you into the Incredible Hulk from Marvel Comics. Any time the big green guy showed his face on the page, there was always an army of people trying to get the Hulk to calm down and revert to his original form, Bruce Banner. That’s the goal, too, of this particular strain. Bruce Banner is the child of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, so this hybrid carries a powerful dose of THC.

Leafly user KindGodess420, who tried Bruce Banner firsthand, had this to say about the strain: “I’m sooo high, Good mornin!!..Out of Chronic Pain and Out of Sight with the Bruce!.. 11 STAR!!…Feelin’ Up-Mellow, Mindful, Calm, Motivated and Energized.. ready to-gooo…. Feels like a Stress-Free day. Inflamation is Reduced and PTSD is Pacified.. no AM mind chatter while tokin BB. I’m Totally Baked after 2 HOOKA water bowls for Wake ‘n Bake.. SO Smiley, Focused and Fun, the Peaced-Out energy of BB enhances my AM Yoga and keeps me gooooing for several hours… A perfectly Balanced Hybrid for this hippy chick..Be Well!”

If the shift key is any indication, it seems to have done the trick!

White Russian

No need for vodka when you have this beautiful cannabis cocktail. White Russian is another THC-heavy, indica-dominant hybrid that can acquaint you with the couch for hours on end. It has a very pungent aroma that some may refer to as “skunky”. However, there is no doubting White Russian’s overall potency. High Times awarded this strain the coveted Best Overall designation at the 1996 Bio Cup. At that time White Russian was around 22 percent THC, which should be more than enough to quell a migraine.


Wait, what were we talking about again? After experiencing a dose of Amnesia, you’ll forget your migraine had ever existed. Besides being strong enough to tackle physical pain and mental afflictions like anxiety and stress, this particular strain has effects ranging from losing track of thought in normal conversations to an enhanced ability to effortlessly perform detailed tasks. The best advice would be to take it slow with Amnesia, because it could really creep up on you before you know it.

Leafy user Medicalguy62 said that Amnesia delivered a “Great daytime mind high with a nice body rush at first. Good for fatigue, headaches, and nausea. Does not put you to sleep while still giving heavy effects on the head.” In short, Amnesia will give you an intense and uplifting high, while grounding your body and headache pain in relaxation.

Now that you know there are other options other than pushing handfuls of painkillers into your system to handle the rattling effects of a migraine, you may be fortunate to find some of these strains at a dispensary near you. A word to the wise: Vaping or smoking the herb results in quicker onset of relief, while ingestion leads to more intense effects of longer duration. A combination of the two methods may work best for severe pain. When it comes to coping with migraine, there’s no need to limit yourself regarding the possibilities of cannabis.

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