Guide To Improving Aim In FPS Games

When it comes to online FPS games all you need is a strategy, aim, and an impressive click per second speed to conquer all other players. Although if you are good at aiming you can tackle other players more effectively. This is why we are with some of the most relevant tips that you can […]


Pokemon Go Shiny Pokemon Update Fans Excited Rumored Feature

We’ve really been inundated by Pokémon Go hints and rumors this year besides the availability of Pokemon go account for sale. From a gym update supposedly coming later in 2017 to the promise of proximity trading in the far future, there’s a lot to get excited about. That’s not even counting the internet’s ability to […]


Attention Players! XP Rebalancing Is About To Happen For Pokemon Go Players

Earning XP is probably the second most challenging thing in Pokemon Go, and that’s why players are continually on the hunt for ways to XP. But Niantic has finally decided to provide more ways to earn XP in the game. And also increase the amount of XP given by already existing tasks. Let’s first understand […]


Try The Table For Lego Competitions By Master Builders

There’s everything special about LEGO. The versatile and imaginative mini-blocks are iconic and ideal for every age group, inspiring people’s imaginations across the world. LEGO has encouraged toy enthusiasts to play and develop to use these brightly colored bricks to “change the rules” and keep coming up with their very own creations. Master model designers […]


The Indian Cricket- Liability Or Asset

The Indian Premier League (IPL), as a Twenty20 cricket rivalry, was set up by business and big cricket boss of India, Lalit Modi, the then VP of the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) in 2008. The next year the IPL was moved to South Africa for the UPA government couldn’t give security […]

Gaming Guide

Character Guide to Mr. Fantastic in Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Overview – Mr. Fantastic is a nearly perfect example of a tactician. He has a toolbox of abilities that are generally useful and can all be exceptional in the right circumstances. He is designed primarily as a support character and does that extremely well. His biggest drawback is that he is very flimsy and vulnerable […]