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Christina Aguilera Perfume

Christina Aguilera has reinvented herself time and time over, and currently, it is an occasion for her to be a perfumer!

The hype says that she has at all times sought after to make her personal perfume, however subsequently she would say that, wouldn’t she? Seriously, however, making perfume is rather that every little girl attempts to do with compressed rose petals and tap water, therefore if a celebrity has the cash, why shouldn’t she produce a perfume?

The bottle for this product is pretty nicer than a number of other celebrity perfumes. It has a lovely feminine shape, plus is very pale pink with a wrap of black lace. There is a slight black bow at the neckline of the bottle, and the entire effect is that of a Wild West barmaid. The bottle fits adequately into the hand and appears great on the dressing table. Though it is pink as well as lacy, it still has a modern feel to it. It seems fairly naughty, similar to having your underwear on the show! You can get that for yourself at Eclatant.

The perfume itself is relatively fruity. It has notes of “appetizing exotic fruit sorbet, sparkling tangerine as well as appetizing blackcurrant tea, compassion notes of jasmine, peony plus plum in addition to lingering base notes of musk, amber, precious woods blended with the creamy vanilla “, which entirely total up to rather an appealing perfume! The fruitiness isn’t very overwhelming, and since it’s not very flowery, is doesn’t just appeal to the younger woman like a lot of celebrity scents.

This perfume was supposedly stimulated by Christina’s own personal memories. It is such an attractive scent and has a huge legacy in traditional perfumery, which I adore. The blackcurrant tea note for me captures the liveliness and joy of my honeymoon. Its mouth-watering plus fruity scent reminds me of sitting on our balcony in the heat, looking out over the most stunning sunset whilst sipping a cool, stimulating cocktail”.

Whatsoever the hype, this has confirmed to be an incredibly successful perfume. It is one of the highest-selling perfumes in the UK. I suppose it is a lovely perfume, and I would propose it to my friends. I can’t place my finger on what the general smell is, which an excellent thing is. I suppose it would suit a youthful woman, older than a teenager, however not very mature. It is a classy perfume, plus the fact that it is a celebrity scent shouldn’t put you off attempting it.

Christina Aguilera’ is accessible in the in 30ml, 50ml and 75ml Eau de Parfum spray as well as in a 200ml Body Lotion. It is relatively more costly than other celebrity perfumes, selling at about 25 for the 30ml size.

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