Discover The New Lightroom 4 From Adobe

Adobe has been synonymous with developing the best photo editing software programs. The Photoshop range of products is a testament to this fact and through Adobe Photoshop download for Mac, you can check that out yourself. In fact, it continues to maintain its position as the preferred photo editing software program by professionals and novices alike. The software was lauded all around for its wide range of editing options that remain unmatched even today by competing programs from other brands. In keeping with this theme, Adobe has launched Lightroom 4.

Photoshop Lightroom 4

Adobe has shored up the strong points of Photoshop even further with the Lightroom 4. The software helps you create the most incredible pictures and it doesn’t stop at that. It also allows you to seamlessly share them with friends and relatives in addition to managing all your photos in a single library.

Expound your Creative Abilities Further

Photoshop Lightroom 4 possesses some of the best image processing controls ever on a photo editing software. This allows you to make accurate adjustments and rectify any targeted areas. It also encourages the user to experiment a lot more and users too can indulge in the same knowing fully well that their images are safe thanks to Lightroom 4’s non-destructive editing options. All actions performed on an image are fully reversible. Video editing is an absolute breeze as is video playback.

Adjust Color and Tone

Playing around with the color and tones is a lot easier with Lightroom 4. Apart from the normal black and white conversions, there is also an option for advanced color editing that deals with aspects of saturation, hue, and luminance.

Enhance Detailing Levels

Details are the heart of any striking picture and Lightroom 4 recognizes this aspect very well. There are a number of tools that help you increase the details and make your images perfect in every sense of the word. Effects that can be performed include sharpen, noise reduction, add or reduce graining, improve lens faults, and any distortion that’s been introduced.

Save Time by Multitasking

Lightroom 4 allows you to save a lot of time by supporting features like batch conversion and applying changes for many files in one go. The software program is also very brisk and leaves no room for any kind of lag at all. There is also support for image watermarking and multi-monitor setups.

Organization Made Easy

With digital image files, the biggest concern relates to their proper and systematic organization. With Lightroom 4 not only can you organize all image files in a systematic manner but the software also features an instant search option that retrieves desired images almost instantly.

Highly Functional Sharing Options

Any photo editing software program worth its salt has to recognize the importance of image sharing features. Lightroom 4 does this exceedingly well and using the program you can share photos across all popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.

With such a bucket-load of features, Photoshop Lightroom 4 continues to remain at the top of the photo editing software program hierarchy.


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