Emotional Intelligence In Leadership

When speaking of emotional intelligence in leadership, what comes into your mind? What is a perfect leader for you? Is your leader has control over his temper? Is he emotionally intelligent? This article will provide you information on how to be emotionally intelligent in leadership.

What is it?

Emotional intelligence is the capability to control emotions in an embarrassing situation. People who are emotionally mature usually know their feelings, how to act on feelings, and when to act with feelings that would affect other people.

Emotional intelligence is being a mature leader. Reacting to the situations calmly and evenly. It is very significant

Who developed it?

Daniel Goleman, make popular the idea of emotional intelligence in leadership. He is an American psychologist.

The Five Elements Of Emotional Intelligence:

  1. Self-awareness

If you are aware of your self, then you know exactly your feelings. With that, you know how to manage your emotions in certain situations. Which your actions affect the people that surround you. It is very important for a leader to have self-awareness since it indicates humility.

  1. Self-control

Self-regulation or self-control, having would mean that as a leader you rarely attack people verbally. It means that you know how to control your feelings. You know when, where, and how to attack.

  1. Motivation

Motivation takes a very significant role in a leader. Leaders who are highly motivated works straight forward towards their mission. Some leaders forgot their motivation that is why sometimes they lack the impulse to work, you may refresh yourself with your motivation by knowing exactly your goals and hoping that something good will happen.

  1. Empathy

Leaders working together with their teams should empathize with their team members and should know how to put their selves in others’ shoes. With this, they know how to understand others’ situations. They try to view different angles and try to manage a critical situation that arises.

  1. Social Skills

Emotional intelligence in leadership also involves socialization. They have to do well with this to master communication. A leader who is good at social skills is good at managing change.

If you lack social skills, you can improve them by learning to talk with others. Learning to interact with other people and to acknowledge and praise others’ good work.

If you want to be an effective emotional intelligence in leadership, then you have to take you to exert your effort to these five elements. These would help you a lot and become an effective leader.

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