Everything You Need To Know About CBD

With more and more places, countries, and states legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, CBD based products are going up when it comes to popularity too. However, for a person who is not familiar with CBD based products, it can get a little confusing. Before you go looking for the best CBD products in the market, here are some important things that you need to know about CBD first. Without further ado, let’s start:

What is CBD

CBD is the shortened version of cannabidiol, a compound from the cannabis plant or marijuana. This substance is produced naturally. It is used in a lot of products, like oils, edibles, and cream. 

The effects of CBD

One thing that you need to know about CBD is that you won’t get high through it. CBD is not psychoactive, but it has very good calming and anti stress properties. People who are looking to get high should buy tetrahydrocannabinol or THC based products instead.


Having said that, there are some exceptions in which people get high from CBD. There are people who have a weaker tolerance to CBD, which means that they can high to some degree. However, this high feeling is not as strong as the “high” induced by THC. People who are new to CBD based products are the ones that are most commonly affected by this.

Another possible explanation on why people can get high on CBD on occasion is if they used a low quality product. A CBD product that is not processed properly can contain trace amounts of THC. For this reason, it is important to exclusively buy high quality products from trusted brands.

Healthy benefits of using CBD

Currently, there is only a single CBD based medication that is approved by the FDA, Epidiolex. Epidiolex is used as a cure for specific kinds of epilepsy. Having said that, CBD is famous for its ability to relieve a lot of health problems, like chronic pain, insomnia, stress, osteoarthritis, and some patients have even said that it helped with their cancer.

Aside from healthy benefits to physical impairments, CBD can also help with managing emotional and mental problems. As mentioned previously in this article, CBD helps with anxiety, stress, overthinking, and a plethora of other mental conditions. 

What to look for when buying CBD

In this section, we will list some of the things to look for when buying CBD based products.

  1. Certification by a third party laboratory

A certification from a third party laboratory will ensure that a CBD product is properly tested for purity and quality without any possible interference from the company.

  1. Beware of false medical claims

A company that is advertising their CBD based products as being able to cure specific disease, health problems, or illnesses is shady and should be avoided. The exception to this is Epidiolex, as stated earlier in this article.

  1. Check for the presence of a batch number

The presence of a batch number means that the CBD product is following protocols for manufacturing CBD.

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