Guide for high school student who wants to become a doctor

Do you dream of becoming a doctor in the future? Are you preparing yourself today to fulfill your aim? Do you wonder about something which will increase your chance of getting selected in medical college? If not, it’s high time for the 12th pass-out candidate to start thinking about your career goals and initiating some extra efforts or planning to achieve your goals.

Here are some tips which will guide you on how to study effectively and choose the right path and make you closer to your dream. Let’s focus on it-

  • The first step is to start looking for resources to learn more about a medical career. You can start your research from your school guidance office, or you can visit your high school library to find more books and magazines which lead you to the right path. Otherwise, you can also browse such resources online, where you get an abundance of material.
  • Once you get to know about the right source of learning, the very next step is to get practical knowledge about your career line. During this journey, you go through several challenges and confusion. To clear all such doubts, you can meet with medical practitioners in your college or anyone in your family or friends.
  • You can also volunteer your services by starting a part-time job at the local hospital, nursing home, or at any health care institution. This experience will give a quick push to your career as you gain more experience by working at such health care establishments.
  • For a better experience, you can join training during summer break to be a certified nurse assistant (CNA). If you are 18 or above, you can also consider another route to complete your training as an emergency medical technician (EMT).

At last

You can take advice from your high school counselor regarding the selection of college. Make a list of top medical colleges and how to study effectively to take admission in that college.

Linda Alvarado loves writing about technology and science updates. She also loves to keep her mind and body fresh by doing intense workouts and meditation sessions.