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Health Resolutions For New Year

Year after year, people vow to make healthy changes and turn around their lives. While the intentions are great, and people start off doing well, by February or March most fall off the bandwagon and go back to their previous lifestyle. Make this the year that you keep all your health resolutions – and take a look at this list. These are things we should all be doing to become more healthy and happy people!

  • Lose weight

According to the American Heart Association, 145 million adults aged 20 and older are overweight or obese in the United States alone. Being that extra weight carries risks such as heart problems and attacks, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and gastrointestinal issues (among many, many others), it’s no wonder that losing weight is on the top ten health resolutions list.

  • Eat healthy

The raised awareness of the problems (such as weight gain) associated with processed food has resulted in an increase in the public’s desire to eat organic and unprocessed food. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains, along with lean meats top the list of healthy food choices. The good news is that there are several websites that you can find online that offers information and educates people about health and nutrition. Surely, you will have wide variety of knowledge about this matter. You can visit

  • Quit bad habits

Everyone knows by now how unhealthy smoking and excess drinking are. With the medications and support groups available, smokers and drinkers all have the ability to quit their bad habits – once they make the decision to stop. It’s not easy (coming from experience with the smoking) – asking your doctor for help is the best way to get started. No matter how old you are or how long you’ve been smoking or drinking, there’s still time to lower some risks.

  • Exercise

This falls under the obesity/weight loss goals as well. Physical activity lowers weight as well as increases metabolism and gives the heart a workout. The health benefits of physical activity go from physical to mental – studies show that exercise also elevates the mood and reduces stress.

  • Drink more water

Many people don’t get the recommended amount of water per day. The general recommendation is 8 glasses of water a day.

  • Follow a diet plan

To lose weight, many people choose a specific diet to assist with their weight loss goals.

  • Relax more

Anxiety leads to hypertension, heart problems and other physical issues. By reducing stress, these risks decrease, increasing quality of life.

  • Take better care of myself

Taking care of everyone but yourself is all too common. Many people need to take a break and just take care of themselves. Remember: treat yourself as you treat others. This includes your health!

  • Keep up with medical conditions

A lot of people have medical conditions that they conveniently ignore. Whether it’s type 2 diabetes, asthma or some other condition – a lack of symptoms does not mean that the condition is gone. Remember that proper medical care and treatment of chronic (or acute) health conditions is imperative for optimal health.

  • Complete some competition

A general fitness goal for a large number of people beginning a fitness routine is to complete some sort of athletic event: a 5k, 10k, sprint triathlon or other competition. This motivation gives them a tangible goal to work towards.

Linda Alvarado loves writing about technology and science updates. She also loves to keep her mind and body fresh by doing intense workouts and meditation sessions.