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Here Are The Key Factors You Need To Consider Before Buying New Bed Sheets

Gone are those days when your bedsheets would be white! There are several options to take the pick from, including a few beautiful bed sheets in a floral pattern and geometric pattern. With the proper bedding, one can incorporate character & depth into the bedroom!

Keep the below-mentioned pointers before one purchases the bedsheets:

You need to measure the bed

Even when you are aware of the terms king, twin, or queen when it comes to the sizes, the regular measurement for bed often differs from one maker to another maker. That’s why it’s crucial to check dimensions from one side to another and top to bottom.

Check the measurements of the sheet 

Once you’re done with the measurement of the bed, examine the exact size of your bedsheets. The fitted sheet must be adequately deep for the mattress. 

The thread counts

It refers to the no. of threads per sq inch in both areas in a weave. The more is no. of thread count, the more expensive and better the fabric will give you feel; thus, comfort level straightaway goes up. However, the higher thread count even means thinner-than-the-usual individual threads. Therefore they may not wear too.

Choose your fabric smartly

Affordability plays a major role here as one should buy as per their budget. Cotton stays to be the most common fabric. However, non-wrinkling blends (cotton) are in high demand too. 

So, if you look to purchase weather-particular sheets, go for flannel in the winter as it gives a cozy feel. But, if luxury is your top priority, silk, satin, and microfiber are your best bet. 

Hopefully, this guide will assist you in choosing the luxury silk bed sheets for you. To know more, you may google.

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