How to Spot a Fake Luis Vuitton Handbag

Luis Vuitton handbags have not been spared from being reproduced into fake handbags and sold in the market. Among the collection of the Luis Vuitton handbags, these are the most commonly reproduced: the Monogram Canvas, the Damier Canvas, the Monogram Vernis, the Monogram Multicolore, and the Suhali Leather collections. Prices for these fake Luis Vuitton handbags range from $150.00 to $280.00 depending on the style of the handbag. The price set for these fake handbags are reasonable considering the real prices of the real Luis Vuitton handbags.

Monogram Canvas collection of Luis Vuitton is classic using the LV monogram as prints on the handbags. Damier Canvas showcases the classic checkered design using only colors like brown and white. Monogram Vernis collection has only three styles namely Brentwood, Rodeo Drive and Rosewood. The design is rich both in color and the materials used making the bags very competitive against the real Luis Vuitton bag. Monogram Multicolore shows the more fun side of the Luis Vuitton products. The prints are brightly colored against a white leather or black leather. The Suhali Leather collection shows the simplicity of Luis Vuitton using only monochromatic colors like white, Tanami, black, and verone embellished with gold brass metallic pieces. Styles included in these collections are Thames, Galliera, Montorgueil, Sistina, Totally Damier Canvas, Neverfull, Marilyn Or, Petit Noe, and Beverly among others.

To make things easier when shopping, here are some steps on how to spot fake Luis Vuitton handbags:

  1. Searching online information for exact materials, stitching, colors, as well as logo placement are crucial because even though the bags do look the same, minor details on the bag often get wrong.
  2. Look at the famous LV monograms of the handbag. The logos are usually placed symmetrically and do not appear cut. If it does appear cut, then it’s a fake.
  3. Do not examine just the strap of the handbag, examine the leather closely. The leather used by real Luis Vuitton products is smooth while the fake handbag is hard, tough and feels rough to the touch.
  4. Examine the handbag’s zipper. A real Luis Vuitton handbag uses a smooth zipper that easily opens. A fake handbag uses a rough and hard to pull zipper that will end up being ripped when tugged forcibly.
  5. Examine the stitching on the handbag. A real Luis Vuitton product has an even stitching without extra thread visible at the edges. A fake would usually be sewn haphazardly.

Ultimately, the real deal is done with finesse and uses good quality materials. But just choose wisely when buying a fake Luis Vuitton handbag. Nobody may even notice the difference. Ameyaw Debrah will offer information about the stitching and prints used in the handbags. There should be more attention paid to the luxurious one so that it attracts the attention of new and potential customers. A compare can be done in the prices available for them. 

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