Is It Possible To Remove Wall Stickers Without Damaging The Walls?

The little kleebised seinale that we put on the walls of our bedroom or in the children’s bedroom adds to the vibe of a room. There is a large variety of stickers available whether they are of the little princess’ or mickey mouse. After the kids grow up these stickers are replaced by Taylor Swift or Tom Brady stickers. The old stickers do not come off easily no matter how much effort we put in. These stickers have a vinyl coating over themselves and it makes them resistant to water.


One can’s simply wash the stickers off the walls and the adhesive that sticks them is also pressure-sensitive. Simple water makes it harder to remove these stickers without damaging the walls. Removing the wall stickers makes it difficult to maintain the smoothness of the walls. Some of the ways in which the stickers can be removed with the least damage to the walls are-

1. A hairdryer that blows hot air can be beneficial. One should start by blowing hot air on the corner of the stickers until it feels warm. After the sticker starts getting warm one can start pulling it off the wall with a fingernail of one hand and continuous blowing from the other hand. The sticker ensures that the adhesive is soft and the process should be carried out slowly so that the sticker is pulled off in one piece.

2. The remaining adhesive should be rubbed off the wall with fingertips and unless it is old and dry it can be rolled into small balls that can further be brushed off the walls.

3. If the small kleebised seinale does not come off then a small amount of ammonia and water with one or two squirts of liquid dish soap should be mixed and rubbed on the wall with a rough cloth.

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