Is Marill shiny or not on Pokémon GO?

Pokémon GO is such a game where you need to catch all the Pokémon out there. You have to catch even the variants, such as shiny versions of the Pokémon. Every Tuesday, the Pokémon GO players are supposed to see a particular Pokémon spawning quite frequently during the spotlight hour that runs from 6 pm to 6:59 pm local time. This spotlight is to be your chance for loading up on candy, high CP Pokémon, or even a shiny Pokémon. If you want to purchase the best Pokémon GO accounts, then you should visit

Is the shiny rate boosted during the spotlight hour?

As per the collected data by the Pokémon community, the shiny rate is not likely to boost during the spotlight hours. But plenty of Pokémon that generally spawn during this hour-long weekly event should provide you with an improved chance to click on some random shiny one. To get more opportunities to catch shiny Pokémon, you should proceed to click on as many Pokémon as you want. 

How to attach shiny Pokémon?

There is nothing that you can do to attract a shiny Pokémon. It all comes down to random chance or luck. Catch rates of shiny Pokémon are directly set by Niantic, the developer of this game. These catch rates are generally boosted during Legendary Raids, Safari Zones or Community Days, etc. There happen to be no specific consumable items that can be boosted catch rates of shiny Pokémon. 

Getting a list of available shiny Pokémon

Different websites keep a proper list of currently available shiny Pokémon out there. LeekDuck is a good place for this. You will also get an effective visual guide as to how these shiny Pokémon look like. It would help if you also browsed websites like in such cases. You will get to buy valuable Pokémon GO accounts from this site.

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