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More Texas Laws Regarding Marijuana

The medical marijuana laws do exist in several states only and currently there no federal laws that allow you to buy weed online or use it for medicinal reasons. Federal laws do not permit possession, sale, or production of Cannabis and are in direct conflict with the state laws that allow the use for medicinal reasons.

Recently, the federal government responded to state medical marijuana laws and in turn, a memo came out of the Justice Department on October 9th, 2009 from Attorney General Eric Holder. The official position of the U.S. government has become less opaque.

The memo explains how federal resources within the 50 United States should focus on battling any organized narcotics trafficking and that state resources should not be wasted on those that are in compliance with the local county and state regulations around medical marijuana. The position has received more justification after many budget shortfalls and in law enforcement resources across the nation.

The U.S. Justice Department also discusses how a criminal organization could be masked as a legal operation for the sole purpose of production of medicinal cannabis and the organizations should be looked at with a few guidelines in mind. Given a potential suspect or group of people that are in possession of illegal firearms or end up using them illegally in combination with raising cannabis, the government can also initiate an investigation.

If suspects are producing cannabis and trying to perpetrate violence, selling to a minor, producing or selling another illegal substance, or is working for an organized crime unit, they will be prosecuted by the state and federal government.

In addition to this, when the production of marijuana by an individual or group exceeds the state limits on the weight that is harvested or a mature plant that is present at a particular grow site, then they can absolutely expect a government investigation and potential prosecution as well. If any evidence of money laundering or cash in possession with more flow than possible under proper state rules could most certainly be grounds for investigation as well.

The memo that came from Attorney General Eric Holder outlines clearly the federal government’s intentions. Being a legitimate medical marijuana (cannabis) patient that is in compliance with all state and county laws in regards to the possession and production of cannabis, then you have nothing to fear from authorities on a state or federal level.

However, if you try to duck behind the state and federal governments, then you can affect the laws that were passed to help people with serious illnesses. Allow the patients to keep their medication choices and perpetuate those who have committed the crimes while doing so. Be sure that if you violate any of these laws, you will be investigated and prosecuted under any and all statutes with medical marijuana laws.

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