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Why Is Deep Tissue Massage Essential For Pain Relief ?

Deep tissue massage is the most recommended therapeutic treatment for reducing pain caused by muscle tensions. Recent studies have shown that most patients consider Deep tissue massage instead of other common treatments because they don’t focus on relieving the tight muscles deeper in the layers of skin. Even though the treatment might cause some slight […]

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Need Help With Paving Stone Installation For Your Home And Lawn?

Paved stone patios or pathways add to the beauty of a house and help keep the place clean and provide safer walking through the doorways to the house lawn or in and out the boundaries. Pavement installation is not an easy task, and you cannot create a perfect paving stone pathway without the right tools […]

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What Is Traveling Mailbox and Its Major Aspects?

A Traveling Mailbox is an enclosed, safe, and secure parcel delivery service that can send mail to any address in the United States. To receive mail, fill out their form with your address, and they will retrieve your mail at designated drop off locations.  Each box has an extraordinary number printed on the top in […]

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Cool Things To Do in Florida When It’s Cold

It’s great to get away to Florida in the wintertime, when your poor friends are freezing up north. But what if it’s cold in Florida too? Then what do you do? First, I hope you brought your winter jacket. You never know what the weather will be like in Florida in December and January. When you pack, take a wide spectrum of clothes, from shorts and sandals to boots, a sweater and heavy socks.

This winter they’ve had some below-zero weather in Florida. That’s dangerous for the orange crop, but it doesn’t have to be deadly for your vacation. Just try to be flexible! Maybe you can’t sunbathe and swim in the ocean all day. But there are plenty of other fun things to do in Florida-not even counting Disneyworld.

Here are some places I’ve liked, and things I’ve done, on Florida’s West Coast, when the weather isn’t conducive to lying on the beach:

Enjoy Nature

There are lovely places large and small in Florida where you can walk in any weather and perhaps even see some wildlife, some of the colorful birds and fish that make their homes on land or in the coastal waters. You might spot a dolphin or a manatee!

Starting north of Port Richey, where we have relatives, I can recommend Homosassa Springs and Weekie Watchee. In Port Richey itself, we were amazed to learn on this trip that a new wildlife sanctuary is being developed at the west end of state highway 52, right behind a highway packed with big box stores, malls, fast-food restaurants and traffic. We took a walk at this peaceful oasis. It’s easy to find. Just go west on 52 until it dead-ends.

Visit the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary

Pick up some brochures and attractions maps at the Florida Welcome Center as you’re sipping your free orange or grapefruit juice. A few minutes’ study of this literature will yield a wealth of places to see. On ours we found the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, a free attraction in Indian Shores, on the coast, at 18328 Gulf Boulevard, where injured birds are taken in and cared for, then set free. You can stroll around the tiny area sandwiched between hotels and condos and see egrets and owls, woodpeckers, pelicans and more at close range. You can also walk on the lovely Gulf beach behind the sanctuary. And of course, there’s a gift shop.

Eat Local Seafood

The ocean is always beautiful, no matter what the weather. Take a drive along the coast and stop at one of the beaches there. Grab some lunch at a restaurant like Dockside Dave’s. With two convenient locations (14701 Gulf Blvd., Madeira Beach; 7141 Gulf Blvd., St. Pete Beach), it’s the perfect casual beachside restaurant, serving such mouth-watering treats as crab cakes, shrimp, a thick pink seafood bisque, a hearty gumbo, various sandwiches including locally caught grouper and juicy roast beef, and crisp waffle fries.

As the day comes to an end, there’s no better entertainment than watching the sun set on the beach. Take some pictures. Your friends at home won’t know you were wearing gloves and a muffler when you took them!

Sightsee in Tarpon Springs You can find many other interesting attractions on the West Coast of Florida, if you just look. North of Tampa is the charming town of Tarpon Springs, a Greek fishing community. You can go out on a boat (if it’s not too cold) and see first hand how sponge fishing is done. You can eat delicious Greek food in one of the many restaurants and shop for souvenirs including, of course, a wide variety of sponges.

Enjoy St. Pete and St. Pete Beach Or go to St. Petersburg for shopping, to one of their great restaurants (fine or casual), to the Museum of Fine Arts and the Salvador Dali Museum. (Yes, that’s in Florida!). Drive across the bay to the beach and get a look at the iconic Don Caesar Hotel (“the pink hotel”). The beach is pretty here, and again, dining places and souvenir and gift shops are plentiful.

This list of things to do and see on a cold day in West Florida is by no means meant to be comprehensive; it’s just a beginning, a sampling of some of the things you can do when lying on the beach isn’t your best option. Jump in the car and keep an open mind. You’ll find things you love about Florida besides frying in the sun, and you won’t have to worry about getting a sunburn.

Watch the Sun Set on the Ocean

But do go to a Florida beach and watch the sunset. When people say, “The best things in life are free,” this is what they’re talking about.

Concrete 101: Footers

Footers are the true foundation of any building. Added to a concrete slab for structural strength, footers bear the heavy loads of the structure and take the pressure off of uplifting forces that can occur during high winds. Footers are also used in conjunction with steep grades where building stem walls are a must. Footers provide the foundation for the block wall and the support reinforcement needed behind the wall as backfill is added and structural materials are added to the top.

Footer construction begins with a blueprint. Any slab bearing a load will automatically have a footer and the blueprint will detail the exact specifications required for the footer. These specifications are determined engineers and building inspectors which they determine from structural loads, environmental materials and regional building preferences.

Digging a footer is preferably done by hand, but larger footers certainly can and are dug using heavy equipment like backhoes, especially when soil conditions demand it. Hand dug footers are easy enough, once you get the right tools for the job. Excavation occurs only when the form work has been completed. Once you have a point to take measurements from (the top of the form) you can begin digging the footer.

Start first with a guide line to the width of the footer. A tape measure and your finger drag the perfect mark in the soil to follow for the first stage of rough digging. Use a round point shovel and a mattock to break up stubborn soils. Once you get the majority of the dirt out of the footer, it’s time to clean it up some.

Switch digging tools and grab a square tipped shovel. Scrap and dig the beginning of the footer out to the desired depth and width. Now you can use this flat finished spot for a reference point while digging. Now climb into the footer ditch and use your full force to slide into the adjacent soil with the shovel to remove it. Throw the excess dirt in or out of the forms as needed.

As you work your way down the length of the footer, continually check the measurement is still maintaining the proper depth and width. You can simplify this process by marking the handle of the shovel with a tape measure before hand. You can now use the handle of the shovel to quickly gauge depth and width, without having to switch tools.

Finish off the footer by gently scraping the inner edge of the footer wall that meets the slab on a 45 degree angle about half the width of the shovel head. This creates a thickened edge when concrete is poured into the slab, similar to an upside down bell shape, provided added strength to the slab and footer bond.

Chelation Therapy: Quackery or Just Another Attempt by Insurance Companies to Keep You Down

Those of you who are suffering from the medical disorder that results in the arteries carrying blood through your circulatory system becoming hardened are the ones to whom the treatment of chelation will make the most impact. Keep in mind, however, that just because your arteries are not currently hardening is no guarantee that they will not in the future.

Holistic medicine is the name of the game here, people. Holistic medicinal practices tracing back at least to that wonderfully innocent time when you could lose your job if you were merely suspect of having once known someone who accidentally dropped in on a meeting of Communist Party members. It was the 1950s, in other words, that chelation came to be known. Speaking of deceptively innocent times, you might be interested to know that chelation was developed to treat heavy metal poisoning. This therapy was found to be rather effective for not inconsiderable process that involved first binding the metal and then removing the excess amounts of lead from the body. Effective, yes, but only if chelation was applied before the heavy metal poisoning had gone too far and taken too great a toll.

Ready for science? Chelation is the process that involves the introduction of a synthesized amino acid. This amino acid is best known as EDTA but if you are particularly anal about learning, then commit this to memory: Ethylen-diamine-tetra-acetic acid. For the rest of us, it is enough merely to know that EDTA is utilized for its abilities to eliminate toxins from the body, especially poisonous metals. Over time, the use of this amino acid eventually, if all goes well, clears out the arteries as part of the process. According to proponents chelation can result in the regression of atherosclerosis disease. Of course, if you ask your insurance company, you will likely get a completely different answer, but keep in mind that the insurance industry in American is incestuously involved with the Big Business of mainstream healthcare and mainstream healthcare that accords with a ridiculously strict actuarial benefit at that. In other words, just because your insurance company won’t pay for chelation does not necessarily mean that chelation is quackery. Many insurance companies won’t paid for the use of psychostimulants to treat depression despite widespread evidence of its efficacy.

Whether chelation will ever prove to be as effective in treating renal disease, coronary disease and cerebrovascular disease as it is in treating atherosclerosis remains open for inquiry. Chelation is a holistic process that some of those suffering from those health problems turn to, especially when the American medical system or the insurance system fails them. One day the evidence may be as strongly supportive of efficacy as it is currently seems to be regarding atherosclerosis.

Keep in mind if you are considering chelation that the time frame for each treatment is currently running about three hours. And that refers to weekly chelation treatments for the first month after which return visitations may eventually be cut down as much to once every other month.

Career College Recruitment Speech

Welcome to our career college. Many of you are here to study art, gaming, graphic design, the music business, interior design and wedding planning. Actually there are few if any jobs in these fields, but we feature them in our commercials, because we know that when you saw the commercial, you were lying around the house one afternoon, going no where quickly in life and our school looked like a dream come true.

For instance in only two short years, we promised to train you to be a success in the Music Business. Forget the fact that our school is located in East Jesus, Minnesota and the nearest studio is – oh – about a thousand miles away. Also please don’t ask any of our music program graduates if they ever got a job in the music industry. They will lie and say they did not. Many of our graduates are working with music right now, they are stocking CDs and selling IPODs at Wal-Mart, Target and other fine retail establishments.

True ,they could have gotten these positions without paying us over $30,000 but that is a minor point because they are paying back the loans and we are not.

The cost of our school is nothing you have to worry about. Well, at least not right away. It won’t cost you a dime while you are attending our school. The federal government and local banks have some fine loan programs we can hook you up with. Of course when you have reached the limit allowed for loans, we do tend to encourage you to attend another school.

Change is good. But if you have no change in your pocket, you might want to consider leaving our college.

And like we said, do not worry about paying back the loans now, let’s just say you will have plenty of time to worry about that later .

Transfer? Do your credits transfer? Of course they do. But please don’t ask any specific questions like WHERE do they transfer and WHAT colleges accept them. Let’s just say that the credits do transfer if you have a burning desire to go to Al’s Transmission and Cooking School, AL is a fine guy and I couldn’t ask for a better son-in-law.

I hope I have answered all your questions and just sign here and in two years, you too can be working in fashion running the fitting rooms at Wal Mart and other fine retail establishments. You might also want to look into our culinary program, Many of our culinary graduates are working at nationally known restaurants, such as McDonalds, Burger King …

Anyway, sign here before you leave….

What is that? True your local community college does offer the same program for $10,000 a year less, but we promise you small class sizes and personal attention, especially when you have fallen behind on your tuition payments.

So just sign here and we will start plunging you into debt before you know that. Oh don’t worry, debt is a good thing, you have to start establishing your credit, so sign here …..

Can You Benefit from Laser Hair Removal

Many of us have hair growing in places that we wish they wouldn’t. This unsightly problem affects both men and women equally, although women (in general) seem to be more bothered by it.

We already know that hair can be removed with shaving, tweezing, waxing, depilatories and threading. The problem with these methods of hair removal is that the hair always grows back before you want it to. Granted, some have longer lasting results than others (like waxing), but they all leave the hair follicles in place to sprout more hair.

That’s why many people turn to laser hair removal. Now, laser hair removal isn’t a magic solution that will get rid of every unwanted hair on your body forever. In fact, many treated hairs do grow back.

The good news is that hairs that do grow back are usually thinner and lighter than before. Using a laser hair removal treatment can reduce the number of hairs that you have on treated areas. After multiple laser sessions, some hair follicles will cease to produce any more hairs for the rest of your life!

Laser hair removal may be the right choice for you if:

  • you have excess body hair
  • you feel uncomfortable with yourself because of excess body hair
  • you have seen your doctor to rule out a serious underlying condition, such as a hormonal imbalance
  • you want to remove your hair permanently
  • you feel confident that you’ll be happy with permanent hair removal
  • you have fairly light skin
  • you have fairly dark hair

So, how exactly does laser hair removal work?

A laser is moved over the surface of your skin. The laser’s light goes right through your skin, and might feel a bit of discomfort. The light reaches the hair follicles and is absorbed by the melanin present in the follicle. If your skin is dark, the laser may not be able to penetrate your skin.

If your hairs are light, your hair may not contain enough melanin for the treatment to be effective. If you have dark skin or light hair, a better bet for you might be electrolysis.

The treated ares will be very sensitive for the next few days. Stay out of the sun as much as possible for a week after each treatment. Also remember to use sunscreen if you must be in the sun.

You might have to deal with some swelling and redness immediately after having laser hair removal. A cold ice pack an provide relief. Other side effects include peeling, a burning sensation, loss of color on the skin, blistering and brown spots. These side effects are rare, but talk to your doctor should any of the symptoms arise.

Hairs will fall out gradually over the next 8 weeks. Some will eventually grow back, and others won’t.

You will need to receive three to four treatments, six to eight weeks apart in order to see real results. You’ll be able to see the final results after about a year, which happens to be about two hair growth cycles.

Most people are very happy with the results they’ve achieved with laser hair removal. You can be too, if you have realistic expectations and are willing to accept the outcome.

Can a Hair Remover Kit Change Your Life?

I can remember when I was in middle school I was always bothered by the fact that I had more facial hair than I would like. I didn’t realize at the time that there were products that could lighten or even remove the offending hair from my body.

Years later, in my late twenties I remember watching an episode of “Caroline in the City” starring Lea Thompson. The episode I ran across was one where she was staying at home on a Friday night dateless. Across her upper lip there was a thick white cream and she was curled up watching her TV. Suddenly there was a knock at her door. Her friend had brought two handsome men with her so they could double date.

Quickly, Caroline excuses herself as she’s trying to wipe off the cream and close the door at the same time. All this, to give herself a minute or two in order to compose herself and head out for a night on the town.

As I was giggling through the comic episode, I realized that I might consider a product like this for myself. Something I had never thought of in the past. The one thing about myself that I truly dislike I could possibly change with a simple purchase.

Needless to say, the next visit to the store I purchased a hair bleacher designed for use on the face. I used this for several years. In many ways I was still frustrated. I’m not sure it really hid my facial hair. It just turned the hair a lighter color and seemed more visible in sunlight.

I’m not sure why, but I never truly felt comfortable purchasing these items, but over time I felt more comfortable in that aisle. Comfortable enough to actually look at each of the products to see what they did rather than grabbing the one I was used to and quickly moving away!

One afternoon, I took the time to read each label and decided to go a step further and purchase the Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover Kit. I was pleasantly surprised and reminded again of that episode of “Caroline in the City” when I opened the package and found a similar cream formula that is just placed on the upper lip over any areas with excess hair. In less than 10 minutes, all the hair was gone.

To this day, I still use this product and still find it amazing. I find that once a week is more than enough to take care of my needs. I’ve learned that using Kleenex or toilet paper to wipe off the cream works better than a wash cloth in removing the hair. Sometimes you need to wipe a second time and any stray hairs that you missed with the first wipe will come off.

If you are embarrassed by facial hair as I was, I think you may really like this product. I feel more confident and attractive every time I step out the door. Take the time to pamper yourself.

Building A Lean-To Shed

The Floor

Cut two 2-by-4-inch wood studs to a length of 72 inches each with your circular saw. Cut six more 2-by-4-inch studs to a length of 45 inches with your circular saw.

Lay the 72-inch studs in a parallel position about 45 inches apart. Lay the 45-inch studs across the gap and nail them into the longer studs starting at one end and spacing each one by 16 inches as you go. The last two studs should be separated by only 4 inches.

Using your circular saw, cut a piece of 3/4-inch-thick weather-treated plywood to fit your assembled frame.

The Walls Roof

Cut two 2-by-4 wooden studs to a length of 6 feet and leave two more at their full 8-foot length. Cut one end on each of the 8-foot studs at an 18-degree angle using your miter box and hand saw. Place the two 6-foot studs parallel to one another on the ground. Nail your four 8-foot studs to them starting at one end and spacing them by 18 inches. Nail the back wall frame to the top of your already assembled floor frame.


Cut two 2-by-4-inch studs to a length of 41 inches with your circular saw. Cut three 2-by-4-inch studs to a length of 81 1/4 inches with your circular saw. Nail the longer beams to the shorter using the shorter beams as the top and bottom frame for the rest. Place one stud at each end of the shorter beams and one at the center of the remaining space. Repeat this process a second time to create the other wall. Nail the walls onto the top of the existing floor frame so that the side and rear wall fit snugly and are level.

Cut two 2-by-4-inch wooden studs to the width of the front and back of the already assembled shed walls. Cut two more 2-by-4-inch studs to fit the top of the side walls from front to back. Nail these studs into place atop the assembled frame.

Cut four 2-by-4-inch studs to a length of 50 9/16 inches. Use you miter box and hand saw to cut both ends of these studs at an angle of 72 degrees with the angle jutting outward on one end and inward on the other. Cut the outward jutting end at a depth of 3 5/16 inches. Place the angled stud onto the back and front wall frame to measure it for a tight fit. Nail the roof support studs in place.

Cut 3/4-inch-thick weather-treated plywood to fit the back and side walls of the shed using your circular saw. Nail the plywood into place to serve as your walls.

Measure and cut a piece of 3/4-inch weather-treated plywood to fit the roof space using your circular saw. Nail it into place. Use roofing felt and tiles to cover and insulate the roof to your shed.


Hammer, nails, eye goggles, 2 x 4 lumber, circular saw, marker, straight-edge, tape measure, miter box, hand saw, roofing felt, shingles.


Always wear safety goggles and work gloves when working with potentially dangerous tools like a hammer and nails or saw.

Bikini Zone VS. Nair Hair Remover Bikini Cream

Bikini hair removal has become increasingly popular nowadays. It seems more of a trend than anything, and I must admit that I have taken part in this trend. Unfortunately, bikini line bumps tend to be a problem for many of us. There are a number of different measures which a person can take in order to prevent bikini bumps from occurring. Two of the methods which I have personally tried out myself are Bikini Zone and Nair Hair Remover Bikini Cream.

Bikini Zone works when you apply it to your bikini zone after you have just shaved. The reason for this is because it needs to be immediately soak up into your skin, so that it can prevent any bumps or itchiness from occurring. Then, you need to continue applying Bikini Zone daily in order to make sure that the bumps do not occur, and if they should occur, to prevent them from itching.

After many uses of Bikini Zone, I found that this product does work the way that it is supposed to. However, one of the main things that I did notice is that it is important for you to follow directions. If you do not follow the directions of usage for Bikini Zone when you use it, you will not be likely to experience the benefits from it. I would recommend anyone to read the directions that are included in the box before you decide to use it.

The way that Nair Hair Remover Bikini Cream works is as a replacement method for shaving. As its name states, Nair Hair Remover Bikini Cream does remove the hair from your bikini zone area. It is important to also read the instructions for this cream. The general way that it works is for you to apply it to your bikini zone area, where you wish to remove hair. You then leave it on for a certain amount of time- and no longer than a certain amount of time. The hair is supposed to come right off.

I tried using Nair Hair Remover Bikini Cream several times. The overall conclusion that I came to is that it is not very effective – at least not in the amount of time that it says on the instructions. It takes a lot longer than this time to remove the hair. The only problem with this, aside from the fact that you have to wait for what feels like forever for the hair to come off, is that after you leave the hair on longer than you are supposed to, it begins to burn your skin. For me, this lead to more pain and discomfort than shaving and dealing with the bikini bumps and itchiness would have caused.

The only complaint that I have with either of these products is is the fact that they both do not smell appealing. In fact, they both rather stink. Of course, for most people, this is only a minor disadvantage. With Nair, you would be washing it off right after anyway and although you need to leave Bikini Zone on so that it will soak into the skin, the smell is probably well worth it.

Of both of these products, I personally recommend Bikini Zone, which is a product that I have found I cannot seem to live without. I found Nair Hair Remover Bikini Cream to be very ineffective and quite painful, to be honest. If it came to choosing between Nair and dealing with regular bikini bumps, I would suffer from the itchiness and redness if I had to. It is important to realize, however, that there are many alternatives available to dealing with bikini bumps.

Becoming An Employment Recruiter

Employment recruiters, also known as employment agents or job recruiters, act as brokers between employers and potential employees. They attract applicants for vacancies notified to them by employers, put forward a short list of suitable people to the employer, and charge employers when an applicant starts work or remains in employment with them for a certain period of time.

The Job:

Employment agencies work in many different ways in order to fill their clients’ vacancies. Some agencies are state run while others are private companies. Whoever they are working for, the people employed in these offices work in small teams. They contact employers and potential employees by telephone and letter, by visiting companies, and by interviewing applicants face to face.

Employment recruiters advertise some vacancies, using their knowledge of the media to determine how to attract the best applicants. The wording of advertisements may be controlled by law and they need to be written to attract the right applicants and discourage unsuitable ones. Agencies often attract a broad range of applicants. They keep their details, including curricula vitae, on a database so they can quickly identify suitable people when an employer notifies them of a vacancy at any point in the future.

Some employment recruiters work as headhunters, actively seeking senior executives or people with specific expertise, for their clients without advertising. Part of this work includes researching where the people might be. Having completed this exercise, those most suitable are contacted by telephone and, if they are willing to consider a change in job, a meeting is arranged for a preliminary interview. After many people have been interviewed, a few candidates will be put forward for final selection by the employer. The selection procedure may also include aptitude tests, which are usually carried out in the offices of the employment agencies.

The type of work suits people who are sales orientated. Employment recruiters in the private sector sell their services to employers who are seeking staff. They also sell the job vacancies they have to suitable prospective applicants. Brining the two together for their mutual benefit is the nature of the work.

The work includes writing a job specification from details supplied by the employer, preparing and publishing advertisements, and sifting through applications and curricula vitae. At the next stage, employment recruiters interview candidates and prepare a short list of suitable ones for the employer. It is often necessary to sell a job to applicants who may not otherwise give it serious consideration.

Employment agencies often specialize in particular types of jobs, such as computing, secretarial, or finance, or in supplying personnel for a specific industry. Some recruiters begin this work without experience; others first gain relevant experience working in the industry or in the type of position which they intend to recruit.

Training Involved:

Training for work in employment agencies is usually conducted on the job. It always includes training in the techniques of selection interviews and sometimes involves administering psychological questionnaires or aptitude tests. These skills are usually gained by attending short courses. Employment agencies usually prefer to recruit and train candidates who have outgoing personalities and an aptitude and flair for sales.

Administrative skills and the ability to write carefully targeted advertisements must also be learned quickly by new recruits. A first step into employment agency work is sometimes by taking an administrative post in an agency. Computer literacy – in particular, good word processing skills and the ability to use databases – may be required.

Useful Qualifications to Have:

No special subjects are required to work in an employment agency.

Most employment consultants have good grades when leaving school. When working in certain sectors, it may be necessary to have relevant qualifications in order to prove your credibility. Many people in agency recruiting, for example, accountants or lawyers, will have accountancy or legal qualifications

Salary Expectations:

The base salary range of an Employment Recruiter ranges from $38,410 to $62,735 annually, while the median salary for most Employment Recruiters is $49,500 annually. (US Base Pay)

Future Prospects:

Employment agencies vary in status from country to country. In some, they are not legal, since job vacancies are handled entirely by government agencies. In others, agencies are not regulated and have considerable freedom of operation. Prospects depend entirely on the need for qualified personnel. During recessions, many small employment agencies cease trading. Yet even in times of high unemployment, some employers have difficulty in recruiting high-caliber, specialist staff, so the best agencies always have work.

Recruiters’ salaries often include an element of commission, based on the number of people placed in employment each month. The more people placed, the higher the salary and the better the prospects for advancement.

Starting at the bottom, it is possible to be promoted to manager of a branch of a large chain of agencies. There are also opportunities to become self-employed as an employment consultant.


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