Pokemon Go- Home Connection

Ever got around to revisit your good old childhood days? There are many things that come to mind because they are unforgettable and too good to be true but the sad part is that those days can never come back.

Nonetheless, it is truly enlightening for the mind to take a trip down memory lane and envision the good times when friends used to come over to the house and everyone would play video games that included the likes of Swat Kats, Dangerous Dave, Contra, Super Mario and others.

Pokemon too became popular around the late 1990s and early 2000s that spawned numerous sequels and parodies through which it has acquired cult status in the past few years with Pokemon Go being a revamped version introduced sometime back to cater to the taste of the new millennial.

How to Do

Pokemon Go Accounts are readily available on the official website of the game for which you just have to download it from the app store and fill in the necessary details in order to create your own account.

In order to link your Go account to Pokemon Home, you need to follow the necessary points as only then you can send the captured pokemons back and forth from Go to Home because it is important for team players to share info with one another to analyze the progress of the game and develop newer strategies for what lies ahead.

First you go to the Pokemon Go app and search for the official map of the entire location where you then click on the Pokebell icon that stores pokemons and records points.

Click on ‘settings’ at the top right hand corner and click on ‘Pokemon Home’ following which you can sign in through your Nintendo account that is connected to your official Go account.

In this way, you can see through the game in its entirety without having to waste time on unnecessary things.

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