Substance In Kiwi Aids In The Assimilation Protein

That should eat fruits known for a long time. Unfortunately, people Training to improve body aesthetics often forget about it, treating it only as a source of sugars such as glucose and fructose. Meanwhile fruits provide many valuable for us to compounds such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, flavonoids and … digestive enzymes. In this article we will focus on the unique properties of kiwi, involving the acceleration of improved digestion and absorption of dietary protein.

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A little fizlologii, or digestion of proteins

The process of digestion of dietary protein occurs in several stages and begins in the stomach. There, under the influence of hydrochloric acid, it undergoes denaturation, and with the proteolytic enzyme – pepsin (which is first secreted as an inactive pepsinogen and is activated by ions of hydrochloric acid), is pre-decomposition. Further degradation of the proteins occurs in the duodenum, where the secreted pancreatic juice enzymes (also released initially in an inactive form) from the group of endopeptidases distributed in the vicinity of intramolecular binding certain amino acids and amino acids with exopeptidase detaching the free carboxyl group of the end of the peptide chain. Digestion of proteins finalized by aminopeptidase and dipeptidase in light of the small intestine and in the interior of the enterocytes. Only elementary particles – that amino acids can be transported to the liver, muscle and other tissues and organs.

Digestive enzymes in the pills

As seen above, the process of digestion of protein is quite complicated and as you can guess – time-consuming. Does not always takes place with the highest efficiency, which may for example be connected. The consumption of too high a heavy dose of the protein in very short period of time. The result is not only digestive problems, gas, bloating, diarrhea times, but also – and poorer utilization of amino acids contained in food by the body. Therefore, athletes and especially bodybuilders consume large amounts of protein, according to the principle that it does not matter how much we eat, but how much we are able to assimilate assist digestive enzymes in the form of dietary supplements and pharmaceutical compositions containing pepsin, enzymes of pancreatic juice or plant-derived enzymes such as papain or bromelin. These treatments are designed to streamline and speed up the digestion of proteins, the elimination of digestive problems and increasing the absorption of amino acids.

Eat kiwi – digest and training the better

You should know that research conducted in recent years indicate that kiwi fruit contains the enzyme – aktynidyna, which can greatly assist in the digestion of some dietary proteins and improve the utilization of amino acids contained therein. Yes, at least according to Dr. Lovedeep Kaur from Massey University in New Zealand, but rather to such conclusions tends carried out by him in 2010 experiment, whose results were confirmed with the rest of the more recent studies. This effect is most pronounced in the case of long-deposited in the stomach casein proteins – in the case of some of its fractions aktynidyna may accelerate proteolysis of almost 50%! Also, beef protein and soy protein are digested better in the presence of this enzyme. In the case of the addition of whey protein carries no special benefits, perhaps due to the fact that whey fractions, and so are spread relatively quickly through our digestive enzymes.


People who eat large amounts of protein should include permanently kiwi to your diet. Enzyme in this fruit can be very helpful in the digestion of ingested proteins. It should also be noted that the kiwi except that it contains a proteolytic enzyme that also provides other valuable for our health ingredients such as vitamin C and potassium.

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