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Top 5 Dieting Gimmicks (not Tricks!); Why They Don’t Work

What you might think is a dieting “trick” may actually be a worthless gimmick that looks good on paper, but once you apply the gimmick, it bombs and may even make you end up eating MORE. I’m a certified personal trainer and nutrition expert.

But my expertise aside, any layperson who has ever tried the following gimmicks should know that ultimately, they flop. In no particular order, here are the big five dieting gimmicks that fail at permanent weight loss:

Bad diet gimmick #1.

Avoiding high protein low fat foods at night (especially high carbs). There is no conclusive data showing that eating at night prevents fat loss. If you’re hungry at night, then for Pete’s sake, eat. Just don’t gorge.


Bad diet gimmick #2.

Drinking lots of water to suppress hunger. If there are any people out there for whom this dieting gimmick works, raise your hand. Guzzling water will make you feel bloated with fluid, but you will still be hungry if you were hungry at the start.

Further, water does not satisfy the urge to taste, chew, and swallow. Rather than filling your bowels up with water, just eat something. A tuna salad sandwich or fruit platter with cottage cheese will not “ruin” your diet.

Bad diet gimmick #3.

Filling up on diet soda. This is the same as above except worse in that the artificial sweetener may trigger hunger, and other ingredients in soda are not good for the body.

Bad diet gimmick #4.

Avoiding bread and/or potatoes. Why do these have such a bad rap in the dieting community? Is it because few people can enjoy these without high calorie complements like butter, sour cream, and cheese?

Two slices of hearty bread average of 200 calories. A medium boiled potato is 100 calories. A potato makes a great snack, and who says you can’t have a few slices of plain bread as a snack? However, whole grain bread is superior to white.

Bad diet gimmick #5.

Filling up on animal protein to suppress hunger. It is said that protein is filling. This is not true for some people. Loading up on chicken breasts and nothing else can leave a person feeling very deprived, and they end up binging. Let’s face it: There’s nothing like a reasonable serving of a high carb food to complement some chicken.

Trying to stick to these dieting gimmicks will ultimately backfire. You CAN eat “normal” as long as you use sensibility and engage in exercise techniques that crush body fat. To read about how to exercise to blow body fat to smithereens, check out the following articles:

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Linda Alvarado loves writing about technology and science updates. She also loves to keep her mind and body fresh by doing intense workouts and meditation sessions.