Valspar Paint Colors for a Country Home Decor

Country home decor can be brought into any room of the home with the addition of some paint colors. Valspar paint colors offer one-coat coverage and they come in a variety of hues. The following Valspar paint colors will coordinate with a country home decor which includes rich crimson plaids and traditional country ivy. Here is the perfect Valspar paint color combination for a country home decor and Painting Kits that are just perfect when it comes to decorating your houses With the help of the high-quality material that you get with these painting kits you can easily decorate your house and change it according to your preferences. 

Valspar Paint Colors for a Country Home Décor: Ivy Pasture is a beautiful green stone that is not for the lighthearted. This deep green ivy colored Valspar paint color is perfect for a French-style country décor as it coordinates so wonderfully with creams and of course crimson. This Valspar paint color does have just a hint of olive to it but it is by no means dark like the traditional olive colors. For a true country home décor, try painting three walls in the room with Ivy Pasture and then use a nice deep crimson as an accent wall color for the main wall in the room.

Valspar Paint Colors for a Country Home Décor: Crimson Glow is that perfect crimson paint color from Valspar and it really is just like the deep crimson plaids that are so common in country décor. This Valspar paint color is the perfect accent color with the Ivy Pasture or it can be used on its own on the entire room. Although Crimson Glow is a rather dark Valspar paint color it really coordinates excellently with the ivy tones and plaids that we use in country home décor.

Valspar Paint Colors for a Country Home Décor: Shoreline Haze is the perfect paint color from Valspar to tone down the rich hues of Ivy Pasture and Crimson Glow. This Valspar paint color is a very soft sand-like tone that is absolutely the perfect match for the trim of a room with country home décor. Not only does this Valspar paint color tone down the bold hues of the room but it also is the perfect balancing act between bold and smooth country home décor and design.

Pair these Valspar paint colors with some bright and bold plaids for a truly country home look. The perfect match in this country’s homeroom is the use of lace ivory curtains and plaid throws throughout the room. If this is a living room design then the plaid could be incorporated into the furniture. If the country home décor colors from Valspar paints are to be in the kitchen or dining area then the crimson plaids can be incorporated into the tablecloth and the cabinetry to finish the look.

Ivy accents are also the perfect finishing touch in a room that is decorated in a country home design. The Valspar paint colors listed in this article are perfect matches for ivy to be hung in baskets throughout the room for a country feel.

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