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What Is A Marijuana App – Know About The Application

These days it seems that the state of Colorado is known for two things: awesome skiing and snowboarding in the winter, and marijuana. The first has been a widely known asset to the state for many decades, but the latter is relatively new. In the November 2012 state elections, Amendment 64 was on put on the ballot which if passed would allow for the recreational use and sales of marijuana across the state. To the surprise of many, the measure passed in a land slide and Colorado would go down in history as the first state in the union to legalize recreational marijuana use. The changes that would follow would have a profound impact on the state’s economy as well as its culture. After loads of paperwork, a million hoops to jump through, and much anticipation, the first recreational marijuana dispensaries opened their doors to the public on January 1st, 2014. In the beginning there was only a small handful of recreational marijuana dispensaries in the city of Denver and people traveled from all across the country to stand in the long lines and wait for hours on end in order to experience legally buying recreational marijuana for the first time in their lives. Since then many more recreational marijuana dispensaries have opened up all across the state. There is a high concentration of recreational marijuana dispensaries in the city of Denver, but they can be found scattered throughout the state as well. In Denver in particular, recreational marijuana dispensaries are not hard to come by. It seems that there is one on practically every street corner in some parts of the city. In fact, in some neighborhoods it may be easier to find a recreational marijuana dispensary than it is to find a coffee shop.

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As more and more recreational marijuana dispensaries continue to open their doors throughout the state, competition between dispensaries has become very stiff. What makes a person choose to go to one dispensary over another? It is a convenient location? Quality of the product? Or the fact that the dispensary is offering a special deal or coupons? It is likely to be a combination of the three things, but with so many to choose from how does one decide where they want to purchase their next bag? Thankfully, Canna Cash has developed a marijuana app for your smart phone to help make that decision as easy and convenient as possible.

A marijuana app is an application that you download on to your smart phone that can provide you with up to date information about most of the marijuana dispensaries in your area. The app can tell you which dispensaries are the closest to your current location, which ones are available for recreation use, medicinal patients, or both, and provide you with an overall rating of each dispensary. In addition, the marijuana app can provide you with information about which strands each dispensary is currently selling and what type of high each strand will give you. The app can also tell you about any special deals or coupons that a dispensary might be offering.

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