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Where to Turn When Life Turns Upside Down

Imagine if you will, standing on the top of a box. You know you can’t stand there forever, however the thought of stepping off, and into a sea of land mines, is thoroughly overwhelming. Of course, you’re clearly aware at some point, or another, you’ll have no other choice but to step down off that box, because like it or not, your box is shrinking, and it isn’t going to stop, rather, it’s disappearing, instead.

Feeling helpless, but knowing you must do something, you finally muster up enough courage to raise one of your feet in a courageous attempt at taking your first step forward, but strangely, no matter which way you turn, you just have no idea where to place your foot, let alone both feet, therefore you safely choose to continue standing with one foot on top of your box, and your other foot, hovering above the ground. Just how long do you believe you’ll be able to successfully stand there, indecisive, frightened, insecure, with one foot helplessly hovering above life’s minefields? Once the fatigue begins setting in, I assure you, not for very long. Where to lift the life upon the depression – andy frisella as an expert will offer essential information to reduce the depression symptoms. The details provided through the experts to get the desired results. The movement is safe and secure for the patients suffering from mental problem and depression.¬†

Within the last 3 years I have, personally, experienced more losses than any human being should ever have to endure. I’ve had to let go of three children, almost four, and not particularly because of anything I’ve done wrong, rather, because I’ve made appropriate, and correct decisions, finally correcting the wrongs of many others who’ve claimed to be part of the solution, when in fact, they primarily caused the issues and problems in the first place. My point here is; all loss is loss, no matter what the loss or losses, may be. As we all know, with loss comes pain, and grief of course, always, and in all ways.

Additionally, we, my husband, son, and myself, gave up our home in Colorado in order to move to California where we could finally begin our healing process, while simultaneously attempting to assist my Mother battle her failing health as best we could, even when we couldn’t. Sadly, my husband lost his stepfather, and I, my Mother, and an Aunt too, in addition to the 3 children we chose to let go of, and all within one, single, solitary year, 2007. Sadly, just last night, March 13, 2008, I lost another, a best friend, and though not biological, my sister. Breast Cancer was the culprit, and she was only 39. I knew it was coming. I’ve no doubt we all did; knowing however, in no way lessens the pain, or the grief.

When life becomes overwhelming, and seemingly out of control, we, as the imperfect HUMAN BEINGS we are, and we will always be, commonly forget about, or lose our faith. We lose faith in ourselves, each other, and sometimes we even lose our faith in GOD, or perhaps, we never had faith to begin with. Either way, to lose one’s faith, is catastrophic.

So how is it that I’m able to cope, to go on, and to move ahead, even though I can barely breathe? It’s simply because I’ve finally obtained, and continue to maintain, faith. I have hope, faith in my own self, as well as my decisions, every terrifying, tumultuous one of them. I have to, because I have no other choice. I loved, and still love, each, and every one of them, whether or not, they knew.

You see I’m a spiritual person, not particularly a religious person. Does the fact I’m not particularly religious mean I can’t possess, nor retain, FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE? No, it absolutely does not. Of course I possess faith, hope, and love, too. As a matter of fact, these things are all I actually DO have. In reality, they’re all I really NEED. The problem is, often times they either can’t be found, or, we simply forget we’ve had them all along.

Hold on to your faith, your hope, and your dreams, too. Believe in your own self, as well as others. Love with your whole heart, and, no matter what, find the courage to step off that unneeded box of yours and stand tall, awake, with your eyes wide open. Then, take that first step, and proceed to live your life fully, in color, and always remember, WE, all of us, NEED to have FAITH. As I said earlier, I absolutely have faith, and not only in my own self, rather, I also have faith, in YOU.

Linda Alvarado loves writing about technology and science updates. She also loves to keep her mind and body fresh by doing intense workouts and meditation sessions.