Why Choosing Dog Bed Isnt So Much About Your Preference

Before I became a dog breeder and exhibitor, my parents used to buy individual dog bed for our dogs and occasional travelers (dogs that were given up by our expatriate neighbors before we rehome them to suitable adopters).

Back in the eighties and earlier, the variety of dog beds was very limited – plastic and wicker. They were made with one purpose in mind – practicality. Comfort, designs and functionality were unheard of. So it was no surprise to see similar (sometimes identical) dog beds in some households around our neighborhood. The only way to differentiate them would probably be the smell (known the dogs), cleanliness and condition.

There was no dearth in the variety that people wanted as far as dog beds were concerned be it size, shape or color as they were available at an affordable price without compromising on the quality aspect where the dogs could sleep comfortably and change sides at ease, thereby preventing the house owners from conducting classes of pain management for dogs.

As years passed, manufacturers wise up and start cashing in on enthusiast dog owners who would spend obscene amount on dog beds that promise to delivery utmost comfort for their four legged family members, unique designs to match the dogs’ and owners’ personalities, and functionality for different physical needs and seasons.

It’s no wonder, beginner dog owners these days are at a lost for choice. If this situation were presented during my parents’ time, I bet they would still choose practicality and cheap economical over the rest. While going for something economical is nonetheless wise but it isn’t always the best option if it doesn’t meet your dog’s need

The last thing you want is to replace your dog’s bed every six to twelve months. In the end, you probably spent more than you have to.

Let’s take a closer look at different types of dog beds currently on the market now.

  • Cardboard Box
  • Price: $0.00 (used) to $5.00 (new)
  • Availability: Easy. From any back alley to factories to post offices.
  • Appearance: Dull and maybe smelly
  • Suitability: Whelping
  • Bedding: None but it’s easily accessible by using shredded papers or used blankets.
  • Pros: High sides keep out draught.
  • Cons: Not durable. Easily chewed.
  • Rigid Plastic Dog Be

  • Price: $15 to $20
  • Availability: Easily found in local pet stores and even in some hardware stores.
  • Appearance: Assorted colors but plain.
  • Suitability: Whelping and puppie
  • Bedding: None. Shredded papers, used blankets, beach towels, throws, rugs and felt are some of the choices for extra bedding comfort.
  • Pros: Extremely easy to clean and dry. Hygienic. Durable.
  • Cons: Easily chewed by teething puppies.
  • Wicker Basket Dog Bed
  • Price: $20 to $60
  • Availability: Easily found in many local pet stores
  • Appearance: Looks attractive
  • Suitability: Puppies (not ideal for teething puppies) to adult dog
  • Bedding: Some none. Some with only a thin piece of lining covering the inner side of the wicker and a very thin bottom cushion.

Pros: Surprisingly still popular.

  • Cons: Draughty. Harbors dust and fur. Difficult to clean and dry. Your worst case scenario would be bed bugs harborages. Large pieces can be chewed off and swallowed by teething puppies so be careful of that.
  • Faux Fur / Boa Dog Bed
  • Price: $70 to $38
  • Availability: Many online and local pet stores
  • Appearance: Luxury looking. Unique.
  • Suitability: Small dogs especially those really pampered ones but not puppies.
  • Bedding: Yes. Some come with bolster for additional comfort.
  • Pros: Soft. Cozy. Comfortable. Customize to suit your dog’s personalit
  • Cons: Can harbor fleas if not washed regularly. Can be difficult to wash and dry. Some are high maintenance that require dry cleaning services.
  • Bean Bag Dog Bed
  • Price: $60 – $150
  • Availability: Many online and local pet stores.
  • Appearance: Various shapes and sizes. Luxury looking.
  • Suitability: Any dog who loves the extra comfort without having their human parents stretching too deep into their pockets.
  • Bedding: Yes. From polyester/polyfiber to organic cotton. Some come with inner waterproof cushion.
  • Pros: Extremely comfortable. Warm. Covers are usually machined washable and easily replaceable. Dogs go ga-ga on them
  • Cons: Nothing much for me to complain but praise.
  • Igloo Dog Bed
  • Price: $40 to $380
  • Availability: Any online and offline pet stores
  • Appearance: Cute, Cuddly and Unique
  • Suitability: Idea for small lap dogs who are clean freaks.
  • Bedding: Yes. Cushions are usually very thick for those higher range ones.
  • Pros: More privacy yet not too distant from human traffic area. Soft, cushy and warm. The hood gives your dog a sense of securely and quietness, giving him more reasons to snugger.

Cons: Other than the cushion, the rest are non machine washable.

I do not consider tent bed an idea dog bed for indoor use. I hear you; I know they are so cute and fun to have. But for practical reason, please save them for hiking, beach and backyard parties or just for RV’ing. I will write a review if there are more queries on this dog tent bed.

What I listed here is by no means the all of dog beds, but it’s pretty much an overview. I will certainly cover more for dogs with special needs in future issue on dog bed.

Linda Alvarado loves writing about technology and science updates. She also loves to keep her mind and body fresh by doing intense workouts and meditation sessions.